Bali’s First and Only ATV Jungle Adventure

three people in ATV lining up for race in Bali jungle

Bali’s First and Only ATV Jungle Adventure

If you’ve ever gone on an ATV adventure even once in your life, you will probably agree with us when we say that it is one of the most exhilarating of all recreational activities out there. That adrenaline rush as you settle on the ATV buggy, wear a protective helmet, and kick start the engine with its loud, whirring sound is just so amazing.

Book one of our amazing ATV tour in Bali for the thrill of your life!

If you’ve never had such an experience before, it’s time to go for an ATV adventure. But, what better place is there for that than the majestic island of Bali?

Among hundreds of exciting Bali activities, the island is a must-visit for its massive jungle buggies that take you on challenging off-road ATV rides. ATV in Bali provides a chance to all those enthusiastic adventure seekers to have an insane driving experience offered by none other than Mason Adventures, your one-stop-shop for all kinds of incredible, one-of-a-kind adventures.

The 5km Purpose-Built ATV Track in the Jungle Trumps All

There are numerous Bali ATV tours offered by different recreational tour groups on the island near the rice field ATV tracks. Many visitors and tourists opt for a Bali day tour that includes a highly unique ATV ride in Bali, among numerous other Bali activities. However, what makes Mason Adventures stand out is its very own 5km purpose-built ATV track in the Taro jungle on the island. 

Each Lap of this Bali ATV Ride Brings a Surprise

It’s a thrilling new course that spans 5km over each lap. This purpose-built track by Mason Adventures aims to provide exciting Bali ATV tours and rides to all the excited drivers out there.

It was mainly crafted to create an incredible driving experience that challenges the hardiest adventure seekers with a versatile kind of track that they’ve probably never seen before.

The ride involves an off-road ATV tour with three laps on the track in its powerful buggy ATVs.

Each lap of this Bali ATV ride challenges you with unbelievable turns, twists, and terrain as you ramble through 5 kilometres of the jungle. Our thrilling ATV ride in Bali will leave you utterly dumbfounded, unlike the other quad bike tours offered on the island.

Reasons to Choose Mason Adventures for ATV In Bali

With so many other fantastic options to choose from, one might wonder why they should go with Mason Adventures for an electrifying Bali ATV ride. Other than the fact that it is one of Bali’s most commended and longest-running adventure tour operators, there are many other reasons why you won’t be disappointed.

A Taste of Pure Adventure

One of the core requirements of any ATV ride is that it has to be so adventurous that it should get your pulse racing and invigorate all the senses of your body. Mason adventures provide a similar experience that will blow your mind.

This fantastic ATV in Bali provides you with Polaris buggies where you get to choose between a single-seated model and a double-guided model if you wish to ride with another person, be it a friend or a guide.

You get to finish three full laps on the massive track where each lap brings a whole new surprise for you!

Safety and Comfort Go Hand in Hand

The buggies on our ATV ride in Bali are incredibly comfortable and built to provide the riders with maximum comfort. Not just that, they have been crafted with all the safety measures and precautions well in mind. Your protection is paramount, so Mason Adventures provides you with complete safety training, proper gear and equipment, an emergency air medevac, and as well as an emergency accident insurance.

This high safety standard is what makes the entire ATV adventure even more enjoyable and exhilarating.

Enjoy a Full-Day Tour

If you are up for some new adventure and excitement, you can enjoy a Bali day tour with Mason Adventures by combining numerous other fun-filled Bali activities with an ATV ride.

Go for a full-day tour with the help of some of these amazing activities that you can combine with your jungle buggy tour.

  • Jungle buggies with elephant safari ride tour
  • White water rafting with jungle buggies
  • Elephant safari park visit with ATV
  • Morning mountain cycling with jungle buggies

Bring Out Your Inner Adventurer!

If your inner adventurer is in the mood for some need for speed through Bali’s natural and breathtaking jungle expanses, sign up for the best ATV tour of your life that will get your heart racing and alert all your senses like never before!