Bali’s Most Epic Safari Park for Family Adventure

Bali safari park

Bali’s Most Epic Safari Park for Family Adventure

When it comes to ‘family adventure,’ there’s nothing more fun and exciting than a visit to the popular Bali Safari Park! It not only promises you the best safari experience of your life but will also leave you with so many amazing and beautiful memories of your family’s time spent at this Bali safari park.

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The park is home to adorable and feisty Sumatran elephants, and it is designed in a manner that allows them to move freely in a pleasant habitat. You can have a fantastic time with these elephants by meeting and greeting them, riding them, and even spending the whole trip right by their side!

Visit Our Safari Park in Bali with Family After Quarantine to Release Your Stress and Tension

The world is currently fighting a global pandemic that has led to a lot of stress, anxiety, and tension everywhere. However, that won’t last forever, and soon enough, things will get back to normal and happy times.

So, once this quarantine and lockdown period ends, the best way for you and your family to release all the stress and worry is visiting our safari park in Bali where we will take you on an exciting Bali safari tour!

This fun-filled family activity won’t just make your kids happy but will make sure that all the adults in the family are relaxed and tension-free. 

Things We Offer During the Safari Tour

Bali Safari Park proudly boasts the title of the best safari park on the island and beyond, and rightly so. We offer a plethora of things to do during our Bali safari tour, which is why families from all over the world come here to have some fun and experience pure exhilaration. 

Bathe and Have Breakfast with the Elephants during the Bali Safari Tour

One of the most heart-warming things we offer at our Bali zoo park is bathing with the elephants and even having breakfast with them!

You can wash them and ride on them in the bathing lake as they splash around the water and play with their friends. This view is one of their favorite things to do, and watching them play will be very entertaining for your children.

Once they finish with the water rituals, you can enjoy a delicious breakfast at the park restaurant as the elephants dry themselves under the morning sun.

Go On An Elephant Safari Ride

After breakfast, you can go on a thrilling elephant safari ride through the Taro jungle where you can interact with other animals and see incredible scenic views in the jungle.

Twilight Elephant Trek

What makes this safari experience even better is that the Bali zoo park offers the only twilight elephant trek where the elephants will take you through the misty Taro forest under the starry night sky.

Why Choose Mason Adventure for the Best Safari Tour in Bali?

Our safari park in Bali is an absolute must-visit, and Mason Adventures brings you the best Bali tours experience.

We are the pioneers in this field and also the only ones on the island that let you go on a fun-filled family activity at night under the night sky’s twinkling stars. As you ride on the elephants through the night, you will experience a truly magical feeling.

Mason Adventures has been working toward elephant conservation with pure dedication for 20 years now. We make sure that these innocent and playful creatures can thrive in a habitat in line with the animal welfare guidelines.

We provide a great home to our elephants and offer our visitors a chance to have fun with them, play with them, ride them, and create beautiful memories.

So, if you want an experience of a lifetime with Sumatran elephants, Mason Adventures has got you covered.

What Makes Mason Adventures Stand Out?

For starters, Mason Adventures offers exceptional service at a highly affordable price for you and your family, so it’s a pretty good deal.

Secondly, we make sure to follow the highest safety standards to provide you with the best safari tour experience, so you don’t need to worry about it. We take your safety and protection very seriously, indeed.

The best part that makes Mason Adventures different from other tour companies in Bali is that we give you several package options that feature a combination of various exciting activities. You can choose the one that you like the most and have an absolute with your family!

Prepare Yourself for A Thrilling Adventure!

Are you ready for the best safari park experience of your life?

As we all wait for the quarantine to end, contact us for further details so that once things become better, you can book your spot and look forward to the ultimate family adventure!