Buggy vs ATV: Which is Safer?

A man driving ATV in Bali jungle

Buggy vs ATV: Which is Safer?

If you are planning your travel to Bali this year, then booking an adventure is a must. From white water rafting to tropical trekking, Mason Adventures has a range of experiences to choose from, including a buggy ride in Bali. A single-seat buggy or a tandem buggy can be ridden in Bali on an adventure, which makes them a great choice. A buggy is something that is a great off-road vehicle. But if you are planning for your trip to Bali, then you might find a specific Bali ATV ride as well as a fascinating Bali buggy tour. But when you compare these two vehicles, is there one that is going to be better than the other?

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What Is the Difference Between ATV and Buggy?

To get the best experience and the best value for money, knowing what will be best for you to book is a must. So if you are deciding what adventure experiences to have in Bali, then this will help you to decide which is going to be best for you.

Bali Buggy Advantages

One of the facts about buggies is that they tend to be a lot safer than ATVs. The reason being is that buggies have a roll cage which can help to keep the passengers safer and reduce the chances of injuries if, one the rare occasion, a rollover happens when buggy racing.  Mason Adventures’ Bali buggy tour also has buggies that come with seatbelts, which is another added level of safety. 

Although you can have a single-seat buggy, a tandem buggy is more comfortable to ride with a passenger compared to ATV, as each buggy has individual seats. So that is something to think about when you are looking into a buggy ride in Bali.

Bali ATV Ride Advantages

There is no getting away from the fact that ATVs are a little more versatile than buggies. You can have accessories on them for things like cargo boxes and so on. But really, would that be needed when you’re out on an ATV tour in Bali? You can also drive ATV in Bali in more places as they are a little smaller than buggies, although almost every ATV tour in Bali will have a set track/route for you to go on.

Why Choose Mason Adventures for a Fun Buggy Ride in Bali?

Mason Adventures is an excellent choice for a Bali Buggy ride. One of the main selling points is that we own  Bali’s first (and only) purpose-built ATV in Bali track, which has been purpose-built for buggy racing and is located in the luscious tropical jungle of Bali. The thrilling course, which is over 5km for each lap, was created with adventure seekers in mind, so it is an excellent choice for an exhilarating and intense driving experience. There is like no other on the island! Not only that, but you also get all safety equipment, a delicious lunch, hotel transfers, insurance, WiFi, and access to the Mason Gourmet Chocolate Factory Showroom after the experience. 

What Kind of Other Combined Activity That Mason Adventures Offer? 

If you want to make the day longer and combine a Bali buggy tour with something else, then Mason Adventures do have more on offer for you. You can have your half-day experience with the buggies, or you could combine it with an Elephant Safari Park visit, a mountain cycling experience, or white water rafting. If you’re up for an adventure and trying something new, then combining a buggy tour with another activity can be a way to do just that, still with all of the extras like lunch, hotel transfers, and so on.

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Buggies are the best choice for people that want to drive around with a passenger. So if you are travelling with children, friends, or a partner, having an experience together can be an amusing idea, rather than having a solo adventure. Plus, you get the extra safety that comes from using our Bali buggy tour. It is a family-friendly option. If you want to find out more, then get in touch with us at Mason Adventures to see what we offer and then we can get you booked in. We offer great value for money, with a range of activities for the whole family. Any questions? Get in touch! 

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