There are some instances where potential dangers are on any river, however, the Ayung River that Mason Adventures has used for more than 30 years is normally classed as grade 2 to 3, (dangerous is grade 5+).

But when rain is heavy, (especially in the mountains) the river can rise dramatically and suddenly, hence Mason Adventures, being the Pioneer Rafting Company, installed safety procedures back in the early 1990s that are still currently used today. Unfortunately, many new operations do not follow these procedures, due to reasons such as cost-cutting, discounting, lack of knowledge, care, or lack of investment.

Agents are always motivated by commission. They will very often suggest to guests, the company that pays them the most money, (commission). Especially small freelance agents will always take guests to a heavily discounted company that has cheap and inadequate facilities and safety procedures, but pay them the most money, because they cut costs in various ways.

Many freelance agents will tell guests that the river is the same and that all companies are therefore also the same. NOTHING COULD BE FURTHER FROM THE TRUTH. Here are some truths to consider when choosing a Rafting Operation to go on a rafting trip with.

We have noticed that many large agents and especially hotels have canceled offering rafting tours since the recent death on the river by the company Ayung Dewata, but this in fact doesn’t help to protect international tourists. In fact, it does the opposite, as it pushes hotel guests onto the streets to make adventure bookings and into the hands of ruthless freelance agents, who will only recommend cheap operators who pay them the highest commission. By offering only renowned rafting operators such as Mason Adventures, you are protecting your guests from the many unethical operators, whose only motive is for quick money or profit.

As a mentality of greed has become normal post-covid, this has seen a rise in desperation and a rush of cheap operators to multiply, causing lower standards of quality, service, and safety. Listed here are some reasons to consider sending your guests to Mason Adventures where the quality, service, and safety is consistent, and have been since 1989.

River Surveillance

Every day before our guests are picked up, we measure the height and water level of the river. We have 2 levels to strictly monitor, level 1: we don’t take children aged 5-12 and adults over 60 years old, and Level 2, we don’t take any guests at all on the day and reschedule the trip to another day, or a tour of their choice.

There are 3 grades for the Ayung River water level, GREEN (normal), YELLOW (dangerous), and RED (cancel or suspend all river operations). If the river is running at YELLOW level, then children under 12 years and adults over 60 years, will not be allowed on the river. The majority of other operators will send their guests no matter their age, on the booked rafting tour regardless of the dangers. We avoid this, as it was the direct cause of the recent incidents.


Mason Adventures is the longest-established adventure company in Bali, with more than 32 years of experience, and are the pioneers of Bali’s rafting and elephant tours, setting standards that give us the reputation of being Bali’s only 5-Star Adventure Operator. We offer multiple adventure tours that can be combined into one day, or spread over one week.


Mason Adventures uses only company-owned equipment. Rafts are designed and built to our specifications. Life jackets are made in 6 different sizes to international safety requirements to make sure that all guests no matter how big or small, hence the correct fitting life jacket and helmets are kept also in 4 different sizes. Paddles are lightweight and made of aluminum and polycarbonate material. All rafts are fitted with a surrounding safety rope, in case any guest falls into the river, and each person has a safety foot cup in the bottom of the raft for their personal stability. Each raft also has a video camera installed on the front. No other company has this special feature that also serves to give guests a video memory of their rafting tour, and gives our company control over our guides and the quality of your tour.


All Mason Adventures guides are fully trained to international standards of River operations including safety, rescue, and first aid. All rafts carry safety and rescue equipment, as laid down to world standards. A Rescue Raft with all safety and rescue equipment will follow guests in a separate raft in case of emergency if the river is classed yellow. If the river is classed RED, all operations will stop and guests either returned to their hotel or be offered another tour option or another suggested day to raft on.

Infrastructure & Service

This company is the ONLY 5 STAR company that offers rafting to its guests. The equipment that is used. This includes transport, changing rooms, showers and toilets, and restaurant food and service. We do not transfer guests to the river in open-backed trucks that are usually used to move pigs or cows, as this is both illegal and dangerous and we regard this as extremely insulting to a foreign guest. We provide the same air-conditioned buses that we pick guests up in from their hotel throughout the day. This company carries insurance for all guests regarding an accident on any tour.


Mason Adventures has its own Bus fleet that is all air-conditioned and GPS-controlled at our head office, to make sure that drivers follow the company’s rules regarding safety and service and the speed that they are allowed to travel. Special rates can be applied for private transport or other reasons. All vehicles are non-smoking.

Other Important Information

Mason Adventures is the pioneer of rafting and started operations on the Ayung River in 1989 and is regarded as Bali’s Premier Adventure Company with Australian and Balinese management. Nigel Mason with his wife Yanie first started a business together in 1985 and are now joined by their two Australian-educated sons, Jian and Shan Mason, who are Directors of this family-owned business.

All guests can join the numerous Mason Adventures in either one or two-day multiple tours. For example Rafting, with Mountain Cycling, Trekking, Elephant Park Tours or Jungle Buggies and Chocolate Factory Tours, or Lessons. Special discounts apply for multiple tours when joined together into one package on one day. We have a money-back guarantee on our quality of service.

Please be assured that your SAFETY, COMFORT, and our superb service are a top priority, as we have 32 years of Excellence to protect, as Bali’s Pioneer Adventure Company. Go with Mason Adventures, be it Rafting, Mountain Cycling, Jungle Buggies, Trekking, or to the famous Mason Elephant Park, and not forgetting our Spa Tours or Chocolate experience tours. See our website for all details: www.masonadventures.com

If you have any further questions whatsoever, please don’t hesitate to speak to any of our sales staff or reach out to me personally.

Nigel Mason

Managing Director