Create an Unforgettable Trip with Bali Cycling Experience

Create an Unforgettable Trip with Bali Cycling Experience

Unfortunately, the world of today is one whereby very few people have active hobbies anymore. Too many people sit at home and play video games rather than seeing what the world has to offer. There is some exhilarating and exciting fun to be had, but too many individuals are missing out. 

How to Get Fit, Have Fun, and See More of the World

One hobby worth deliberating is mountain biking. There are lots of benefits to be had by taking up an interest in this. What’s more, is that this is an activity suited to anybody. It does not matter how old you are or how competent you are at cycling. You can simply go at your own pace and to a level that is enjoyable. Plus, it’s a great way to experience another part of the world, like with Bali excursions.

Book one of our amazing Bali cycling tour for the best adventure of your life! 

Reasons to Go Mountain Biking

As mentioned earlier, there are numerous advantages to be gained by going mountain biking when it comes to Bali activities. One of these values is the fact that you will be able to maintain a healthy lifestyle and partake in some exercise. Because you will be having fun this will not feel too strenuous. It is important to enjoy exercise in order to keep doing it and taking Bali cycling tour certainly offers that. This is especially essential considering the frequent media reports regarding obesity.

Explore on an Amazing Bike Tour

Aside from keeping fit, a bike ride provides you with the opportunity to explore beauties you otherwise would not see. You and your family or friends can take your bikes with you wherever you go. So many people enjoy going on adventure holidays and one of the best ways they explore is through cycling. You give yourself the opportunity to see some of the most breathtaking sights the world has to offer. All the while you add an extra dimension of fun because you get to cycle too. Imagine cycling across a mountain overlooking the twinkling sea – it is simply magical.

A Bike Ride Is a Great Social Activity

A great thing about mountain biking is that it is a sociable activity. You can enjoy this hobby alone or with several people. Many activities are limited to a certain number of individuals, such as tennis – you can really only play as a duo or with four people. This makes it difficult if you want to enjoy a hobby alone or if there are more people who want to join on.

Besides the details already stated, mountain biking is particularly good for finding your inner calm and relaxing. When cycling on difficult terrains you will be fully focused on the job at hand and you will be free. Once you have finished mountain biking on your Bali adventure, you will feel exhilarated and rejuvenated. This is really good for your mental wellbeing. 

There is a wealth of benefits to be gained by going mountain biking. And that’s without even mentioning the sheer level of fun involved! If you are looking for something new and exciting, then give it a go. And where better to give it a try than Bali?

The Best Cycling Adventure You Could Imagine with Bali Excursions

As mentioned, one of the great things about cycling as one of your Bali activities is that it gives you the opportunity to see more of the world. One place everyone would certainly like to see more of is Bali, and Mason Adventures gives you the opportunity to do so with our Mountain Cycling tour. 

With our bike tour, you will be able to enjoy an amazing journey off the beaten track. Your ride will begin at the renown Mount Batur Volcano and you will able to enjoy some of the most scenic highland locales along the way. Some of the things you can expect to see include rice fields, villages, ancient Hindu temples, as well as 30 km of forest trail. You will also get to sample exotic fruits from plantations at our natural sources. And, who can forget the stunning views of the Kintamani Lake as well? You will struggle to find another tour that is as comprehensive and well thought out as this one. You really get the opportunity to experience a side of Bali that you would not be able to as a usual tourist.

What’s Included with This Bali Adventure?

You will also probably want to know what is included with your cycling tour in Bali. You’re not going to have to take your bike with you, right? Of course not! You will get a modern mountain bike and a helmet included. There are a number of other inclusions as well. This includes free Wi-Fi, air-conditioned hotel transfers, refreshing cold towels, mineral water during the trip, and a delicious lunch. For your peace of mind, there is also emergency accident insurance included as well. 

It is estimated that this incredible cycling tour in Bali will last anything from three to four hours. You will take the route of Kintamani to Tatag, and it is recommended that you wear closed footwear. The tour finishes in the Koko Bambu Restaurant. Not only is this an amazing, eco-friendly location but it is also home to the Mason Gourmet Chocolate Factory. What a great place to finish, right? This is a tour package anyone can enjoy. 

So there you have it: experience the thrill of Bali with a cycling tour. There is no denying that Bali cycling is one of the best ways to experience one of the most beautiful and stunning countries in the world. Plus, cycling is something that can be altered to suit all riding levels, so do not assume that you are going to need to be a pro to get involved! Book your tour package with Mason Adventures today.