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Best described as a place where luxury meets living and also where you can restore your body and soul, the Mason Elephant Lodge in Bali is true mini heaven.

It is known to be the unique eco-lodge in Bali that provides eco-tourism and many opportunities for an eco-retreat.

Apart from the numerous awards and accolades this Bali eco-resort has received over time, what makes it so popular is the fact the rewarding experience that it has to offer, while completely committing to conservation to create a healthy, eco-friendly environment.

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Why Do People Need to Experience Mason Eco-Lodge in Bali?

The Mason eco-lodge hotel location is in Taro-Ubud, Bali, an area that is characterized by a lush tropical atmosphere, clean airs, high altitudes, and chances of heavy rainfall. These factors make it the ideal place and home for elephants, given how it’s so close to their original habitat known as Sumatran Jungle.

People who visit the Mason eco-lodge in Bali mainly look forward to a once in a lifetime experience among large groups of Sumatran elephants where they get to feed them, get up-close and personal with these majestic creatures and to spend some quality time with them.

This Bali eco-resort is situated right within the Mason Elephant Park, which is exactly where they get to meet these giant, beautiful animals and watch them go about their daily lives.

What Makes the Experience So Special?

One of the unique aspects about this eco-hotel in Bali, which makes the whole experience so special, is the fact that it has a total of 27 rooms, each with its own distinctive and funky elephant touch. But that’s not it. The best part is that the lodge allows you to jump on an elephant right from your front door and begin an exciting journey into the jungle!

It’s not the massive jungles, but also tranquil parks and botanical gardens that you’ll find in this eco-lodge hotel. There’s nothing more heart-warming peaceful than spending time with the giant elephants in such serene atmospheres as you travel to a place where there is nothing but beauty, wonder, and magic.

More than that, though, it’s their commitment to care that makes the overall experience so satisfying and fulfilling.

We can see all the efforts of the people at this eco-hotel in Bali to create a safe space for not only the elephants but also every creature there.

Things We Offer

If you are staying at the lodge, you get to experience a variety of things, services, and activities and enter a lazy yet luxurious lifestyle.

Bali Eco-Tours

It all begins with the fantastic Bali eco-tours that one can take through the gorgeous parks at this luxury eco-resort. You can wander the grounds as much as you want to your heart’s content, allow the fresh, clean air to cleanse your soul, and go beyond the barriers to appreciate the eco-friendliness of the lodge.

Wash and Bathe the Elephants  

Fancy giving a jumbo wash to a mighty elephant?

The elephants at this lodge have a thing for dunking in their bathing lake, where splashing all around and playing with water is their absolute favorite sport. The best part? You can also help bathe and wash them and even ride on their backs to have some exciting water fun with these playful creatures.

Fun-Filled Safari Rides

After bathing the elephants, you can go on fun-filled safari rides on elephant backs and take a scenic stroll through the park and further into the Taro jungle.

As you explore the wild side, prepare yourself for a memorable experience that you aren’t likely to forget in a long time.

You can even choose to get picked by one of the elephants from your front door and go straight into the wild jungle without having to go through the park.

Elephant Lake Cave

This trip is the ideal place for photography where you can click some of the best photos and add them to your trip album. Beautifully set against hand-carved stones with intricate wall features, the Elephant Lake Cave is just stunning.

Museum and Education Center

If you are interested in learning all there is about elephants, perhaps, head over to our museum education center and get all the information that you seek about these humble creatures. Also, visit the museum, which is home to the only mammoth skeleton replicas in the whole wide world.

Other Activities You Can Combine During Your Stay at Mason Eco Lodge

One of the best things about this luxury eco-resort is that it doesn’t just offer you incredible Bali eco-tours, eco-accommodation, and eco-tourism, but also allows you to combine different activities during your stay at Mason eco-lodge.

You can pick your favorite activities from the list and pair them with each other as per your choice. For instance, you can choose from some of the following options:

  • Morning mountain cycling with Bali white water rafting and elephant safari ride tour
  • Elephant safari ride tour with morning white water rafting
  • Morning mountain cycling with elephant safari ride tour
  • Morning jungle buggies with elephant safari ride tour

Are You Ready for a One-of-A-Kind Experience?

If you are looking for the best eco-retreat options paired with a unique eco-accommodation, the Mason Eco-Lodge in Bali is the ultimate place for you to visit.

Not only do you get to explore unparalleled natural beauty at the lodge, but you also get to interact with the ever fun-loving and entertaining elephants that will truly make your day with all their quirks and playfulness.

All of that aside, this Bali eco-lodge hotel greatly emphasizes on creating a safe space for these creatures, so you have nothing to worry about in that aspect.

You also get to choose from a variety of rooms, depending on whether you want a lake view, a garden view, park view, or paddy view.

If you happen to visit Bali and look forward to a unique, one-of-a-kind experience, contact us and get all the information you require to have an exciting time at the lodge!