Experience the Ultimate Hidden Gems Trails in Bali

Experience the Ultimate Hidden Gems Trails in Bali

See Bali from a brand-new angle, up close like never before through the unique collection of trekking day tour adventures provided by Mason Adventures. Our team has come to know the island like few others can and have arranged a selection of hiking trails that can lead you through the jungles, along dramatic mountains, and deep into the hidden temples and other gems tucked out of sight.

Guided by our professional and friendly guides, our trekking tour in Bali can help you see what the island is truly like off the beaten path, experiencing nature, vistas, and local cultures and traditions in a way you might not see otherwise.

Book one of our amazing Bali trekking adventure tours and experience Bali from a new angle!

Why Travellers Need to Experience Bali Differently

It’s easy to spend a whole holiday enjoying Bali without having an opportunity to see the island for what it really is. Many tourists are happy enough sticking to the beaches, the towns and the restaurants, living it up in the lap of luxury. However, some people have a taste to see what others don’t and have a real adventure.

With our Bali hiking day tour, that’s exactly what we provide. See a side of the island that’s all too easy to miss. Find the hidden gems, from the temples to the springs to the jaw-dropping views that you will find over our scenic trek over the hinterlands. At Mason Adventures, we run all of our adventure tours ourselves, so we’re certain to pick out some experiences you simply won’t find elsewhere.

Come join us for a trekking tour in Bali or combine it with another of our adventures to experience even more of the island. Mason Adventures will do everything we can to leave you one satisfied adventurer and to provide world-class service along the way.

Jungle Trekking with Mason Adventures

Our Bali trekking excursion ensures that you’re never more than a few steps away from the hidden gems of the island. The scenic route we offer sees you exploring the ancient Hindu village of Taro and its jaw-dropping surroundings. Experience the real local Balinese culture, customs and traditions before we head deeper into the wilderness for some natural beauty experiences unlike any other.

When jungle trekking with us, you will have the opportunity to see hidden temples rich with history, some of the most beautiful rainforest vistas, refreshing springs and much more on hiking trails that most visitors to the island simply aren’t aware of. Our hiking tour in Bali lasts between 3 and 4 hours, so you’re certain to get your fill of the island.

How You’ll Have the Trip of Your Life by Joining a Jungle Trekking Tour with Mason Adventures

With our Bali hiking excursion, you are guaranteed to see something you have never seen before and to have an adventure that you’ll be glad to keep in your memories. But that’s not all. Mason Adventures has earned a reputation for providing not only excellent day trips but also for pairing it with world-class service. We provide lunch, provide water and towels, and offer air-conditioned hotel transfers to and from the site of your adventure.

Our jungle trekking trips can make for quite the culinary exploration as well, with fruits, spices, coffee, and coconut palms all there to be sampled on the way. Refresh and revitalize with a bite to eat, after, at our exotic Koko Bambu Restaurant and Mason Gourmet Chocolate factory.

Why Choose Mason Adventures for Your Jungle Trekking Tour

We can proudly say that we offer the best trekking tour in Bali. But that’s not why visitors and adventurers of all ages, shapes, and sizes have come to trust Mason Adventures as the top provider of adventure tours in Bali. Here are a few more reasons.


With more than three decades providing adventure tours on the island, we know what makes a good trip, and how to ensure you’re kept safe, comfortable, and satisfied throughout.

Value for Money

Combine our Bali trekking tour with the provided lunch, shuttle transfers, free wi-fi, and safety provisions, and it’s easy to see we offer quite the deal.


Our trained, experienced guides will ensure that you’re kept safe throughout. We also have emergency air medevac and emergency accident insurance available so, no matter what happens, we have you covered.


Mason Adventures takes its role in following sustainable tourist practices. We work with local communities and ensure that all of our adventures have minimal impact on the environment that both our visitors and we love.

Money-Back Guarantee

If your hiking tour in Bali proves to be anything less than what we advertised it to be, then our 100% money-back guarantee will ensure that you don’t have to pay for it.

Combine Other Activities with Your Jungle Trekking Tour

Some people simply have an insatiable appetite for adventure. If you fit in that category, then our value combos might be just what you’re looking for. You can combine a variety of different experiences and tours with your jungle trekking tour, so the adventure never ends.

You can choose either cycling or foot trekking for our trips through Bali, and they can be combined with a range of activities. This includes our inspiring safari under the stars, the opportunity to go on our elephant safari ride tour or you can take things at a faster pace with our exhilarating jungle buggies tour or afternoon white water rafting experience.

Get in Touch and Start Your Adventure

Mason Adventures is here to ensure that you get to see a new side of Bali, all with the top-notch facilities and services you should come to expect from a world-class provider of adventure tours.

Get in touch with Mason Adventures if you want to learn more about our jungle trekking tours, cycling tours, value combos, or even how we can arrange something special for your wedding or event. We’re more than happy to give you the welcome you deserve and to answer any questions or concerns that might be on your mind.