Helicopter in Bali: The Most Amazing Way to Experience the Island

Helicopter in Bali: The Most Amazing Way to Experience the Island

What better way to see one of the most gorgeous islands in the world than from your own private helicopter? At Mason Adventures, we run the island’s only luxury Bali helicopter ride service and offer bespoke helicopter charters that can help you explore as you see fit, whether you want to see the coasts, mountains, lakes, jungles, or even to stop at some of the surrounding islands.

We pair world-class service and top-notch facilities with an incredibly fair helicopter tour price to help you see the island like never before. We have a choice of carefully crafted tours showing off the best of the island, as well as customer helicopter charter options so you can go and do exactly what you want.

Book one of our amazing helicopter adventure in Bali and view the island from a different perspective today!

Why Travellers Need to Experience Bali Differently

When taking a tour in Bali, it’s all too easy to end up with a guide who will show you all of the sights that you’re already likely to see yourself. Sure, the gorgeous beaches, welcoming towns, and lush jungles can be exciting enough on their own. But if you’re willing to look for world-class service, you could see the island’s beauty from an entirely different perspective.

Our helicopter rental services help you see more of this gorgeous island and the surrounding sea than you would ever hope to get the chance to, otherwise. A helicopter tour in Bali can help you find spots that others might never see, otherwise, with the opportunity to land in remote spots far from the usual tourist experience.

Mason Adventures provides the only luxury helicopter tour in Bali, and we bring the services and facilities to match. Keep reading to learn more about the different tours we offer, or how you can customise it and create your own adventure in the sky.

How Travellers Will Have the Trip of Their Life by Joining Mason Adventures Sky Tour

Open the doors to real adventure with Mason Adventures and our sky tour options. With our own licensed and experienced pilots behind the seats of a modern Eurocopter B2 helicopter, we can take you wherever you wish to go. Fly in the lap of luxury with leather seating and in-flight air conditioning for up to five people at one time.

Not only do we have a range of pre-planned options for a tour in Bali, including our helicopter volcano tour and tours of the surrounding islands, but we can also offer custom flights to find the perfect proposal spot, transfers to wherever you need to get to, and aerial filming trips.

With Mason Adventures, it’s your choice. Your private helicopter can take you whether you want to go, perfect for romantic getaways, luxury family trips, corporate retreats, and much more. Premium service is part of the package, including full emergency insurance and emergency air medevac so you can rest assured that you’re taken care of.

What Are the Helicopter Programs That Mason Adventures Are Offering

Of course, what good is a helicopter tour in Bali without an idea of some of the fantastic trips that we can take you on? This includes a range of our planned sky tour routes, including some favorites of our past clients that show off the very best of the island, such as:

West Coast Cruise Flight

A fifteen-minute scenic route along the entirety of Bali’s gorgeous west coast. See the famous surfing beaches, the world-famous Tanah Lot Temple, and the welcoming coastal resorts and towns dotting the beaches of Kuta, Legian, Seminyak and Canggu.

Kintamani Volcano Flight

Get up close and personal with Kintamani’s iconic Mt. Batur and fly over the jaw-dropping Caldera Lake with this limited time offer. You can extend to a sixty-minute flight combining the Volcano Flight with our West Coast Cruise Flight, too.

Grand Temple Flight

Start from the gorgeous Tanah Lot Temple and explore from there across the southern coast on this 30-minute flight, showing off the surf beaches, limestone cliffs, and ending over Uluwatu Temple, perched atop those imposing coastal heights.

Gili Islands Getaway Flight

Few adventure tour providers make exploring the islands off of Bali as easy as Mason Adventures. This 45-minute drop off flight takes you along the east coast, out over Nusa Island, where you can spot the scenic Mount Agung Volcano and Mount Rinjani before landing in on Gili Island.

You can just as easily take charge with our private helicopter rental and decide your own route to take. The sky’s the limit with Mason Adventures.

Why Choose Mason Adventures for Your Sky Tour

If you’re looking for a true luxury sky tour experience, Mason Adventures is the only option worth considering for a Bali helicopter ride. However, besides being the only, we are dedicated to ensuring the best service that can compete on a global scale.


Over our 30 years providing adventure tours on the island, we’ve come to learn and love everything we can about Bali. That’s how we arrange the best tours we can.

Value for Money

Besides offering the island’s only luxury helicopter in Bali, we offer a helicopter tour price that’s hard to beat for such exotic, naturally beautiful locations, not to mention world-class service.


Our pilots are trained, experienced, and fully licensed to ensure the smoothest and safest flight possible. We also offer full accident insurance and aerial medivac, so you can travel with peace of mind.


Mason Adventures is dedicated to sustainable tourism practices and to ensuring we give back to the local Balinese communities, helping to preserve the island we love so much.

Get in Touch and Start Your Adventure

Whether you want to enjoy one of our luxury sky tours or to arrange a flight of your own making by arranging a private charter with a helicopter in Bali, we’re glad to help make it a reality. From sight-seeing to aerial photography, exotic island drop-offs to proposal stops, Mason Adventures will do what we can to ensure the kind of helicopter tour you will never forget.

Whether you want to learn more about our sky tours or to ask about any of our other adventurous offerings, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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