Is White Water Rafting in Ubud Safe for Beginners?

a team playing white water rafting in Ubud

Is White Water Rafting in Ubud Safe for Beginners?

When most people think about white water rafting, they assume it’s scary or dangerous. If you are looking for white water rafting in Ubud, choosing the best rafting tour will help you to stay safe and enjoy your experience from start to finish.

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But, even if you’re not intimidated by Ubud rafting, it’s important to know if it’s safe for beginners. So, can you cross Ubud river rafting from your bucket list, or do you need a little practice first? 

Let’s learn more about how Mason Adventures can help to ensure the best Bali rafting tour experience for your time in Bali. 

What to Expect from White Water Rafting in Ubud

Statistically speaking, white water rafting is very safe. However, everywhere is different, and rafting experiences are based on the waters on any given river. Mason Adventures doesn’t currently offer Telaga Waja rafting or Sobek rafting. Still, we’re proud to bring our guests to the lively Ayung River to see some of the natural beauty Bali has to offer. 

The waters on your Ayung River rafting tour can change throughout the day. Still, it doesn’t matter if you have years of experience, or if white water rafting in Ubud is your first time getting into a raft. Beginners can have just as much fun and be just as safe as seasoned rafters. 

Why Ubud River Rafting Needs to Be Part of Your Bali Experience

Water activities in Bali should be a part of your itinerary for an unforgettable experience. On that list, you should include an adventure that allows you to explore all of the beautiful secrets Bali has to offer; an amazing Ubud river rafting experience. 

At Mason Adventures, our adventurous Ayung River rafting tour lasts anywhere from 3-4 hours, so you won’t be rushed in experiencing the beautiful landscape around you as your heart pounds and adrenaline races through some of the more exciting places on the river. 

What to Prepare Before Getting Your First Rafting in Ubud?

If you’ve never gone rafting before, Mason Adventures offers water rafting in Ubud that is an excellent place for beginners! Keep some of these safety tips in mind, both before your Ubud river rafting experience and during: 

  • Keep yourself protected from the sun with sunscreen and protective eyewear
  • Brace yourself while you’re in the raft
  • Paddle with the rest of your crew, working as a team
  • Listen to safety instructions and pay close attention

Staying Safe On the Water

Mason Adventures invites white water rafting participants of all ages to experience water rafting in Ubud. Safety is our top priority, which is why we offer emergency accident insurance, an emergency air Medivac, and complete, modern safety equipment. 

We also check the weather before any excursion to make sure the water is safe, so you’ll never run into any unexpected turbulence on your adventure. Finally, we take time to check the condition of each person before they get on board, as well as their safety equipment, including helmets. 

There’s a reason Ayung River rafting has become so popular, and you have to see it for yourself to appreciate it fully. Don’t let the fear of getting in the water hold you back!

Why Choose Mason Adventures?

In addition to our safety measures and precautions, Mason Adventures is a tour company that offers the top Ubud river rafting experience in Bali. We believe that our Ayung river rafting tour program is more exciting than Sobek rafting or Telaga Waja rafting.

Our white water rafting in Ubud tour will last around 3-4 hours. This tour includes benefits like free Wi-fi, a gourmet buffet lunch, changing rooms with complete amenities, and air-conditioned hotel transfers. We believe your Ubud rafting adventure should be an experience you’ll never forget. 

We also pride ourselves on being one of the most affordable white water rafting experiences in Bali, especially when it comes to the premium services that we offer. If you’re going on a trip of a lifetime, you shouldn’t have to break the bank to enjoy yourself! We love this beautiful place, and it’s our pleasure to be able to share it with everyone. 

What Else Can I Do in Bali? 

There are so many ways to explore water activities in Bali, as well as things to do on land (and in the sky!) that you shouldn’t miss. Be sure to check out some of the combined experiences Mason Adventures has to offer, including rafting and an elephant safari ride or morning rafting followed by jungle buggies. 

So, is water rafting in Ubud safe for beginners? The answer is yes! Don’t let stereotypes about rafting or someone else’s story about a bad experience somewhere else hold you back. Don’t worry, at Mason Adventures, you’ll be safe and well-informed on how to get through the water. Just a few minutes into your ride you’ll find yourself too busy admiring the beauty of Bali that you’ll overcome that fear and replace it with amazement.