Jason Derulo – Glad U Came (Official Music Video)

Jason Derulo’s latest music video for his new song ‘Glad U Came’ was recently filmed on the island of Bali and featured a few large extras from the Mason Elephant Park.

Jason and his team visited the elephants for the 2nd time in June 2023 to film part of his music video.

3 of our elephants joined in the making of this video and received extra fruits and veggies for lending a trunk!

Lukcip, the handsome male with the tusks is 37 years old. Arum, 46 years old, is the female being fed on the left and Dewi, 45 years old, is the female being fed on the right. All of these elephants were rescued from certain death in Sumatra, from government containment camps where they had a life expectancy of 3-7 years.