Taro Bali: Home of The Best ATV in Bali

A man driving ATV in Bali jungle

Taro Bali: Home of The Best ATV in Bali

People from all over the world visit Bali because of its spectacular scenery and breathtaking views that are genuinely jaw-dropping. From the cascading waterfalls and sandy beaches to massive landscapes and volcanic mountains, the island is a real treat for every single person out there.

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Among the numerous activities and things to do in Bali, did you know that this majestic island is home to the best ATV adventure with the most exhilarating ATV trails?

Although there are many options for an ATV adventure on the island, the most unique and special experience is offered by Taro, Bali, a beautiful village in Ubud, right in the heart of Bali.

The Story Behind Taro Village, Bali

Taro Bali is one of the most popular and spectacular countryside destinations around Ubud. The location is in Gianyar, which is a very famous area for the new trendy town of Ubud. This village is still known for its profound historical legacy and stands out for its perfectly-retained spiritual image.

Taro once used to be a traditional Balinese village in Ubud with rich historical and spiritual history. However, over the years, it has beautifully transformed into an exciting, fun-filled modern attraction that offers true countryside splendour and tropical beauty to all the laid-back and enthusiastic tourists who visit the island.

The story of Taro Bali’s history began when Rsi Markandya, a High Priest, tried to develop agricultural and residential areas in northeastern Bali beneath Mount Agung with his group of 8000 followers. Unfortunately, they couldn’t be successful in their endeavours because a lethal disease outbreak in the area killed half the people. The priest found this to be extremely strange, after which he proceeded to seek help from the Almighty. Following his meditation attempts, he and his followers eventually became prosperous and built areas around the mountain. They also built a religious school (Pasraman) in a fertile region named Sarwa Ada. However, they continued to face obstacles and hardships.

Once again, the priest suffered great confusion and decided to ask the Almighty for further guidance. Somehow, he got tips that he should meditate at the Pasraman, so he went there and performed meditation. Much to his surprise, he noticed a light glowing from a nearby tree, which is where he decided to build a sacred temple. He named the temple Pura Gunung Raung which later went on to become the centre of Taro Village that we know of today. Interestingly, ‘taro’ comes from the word ‘taru’ which means tree.

Why Mason Build ATV Track for the Best ATV in Bali Experience

Years later, the Taro village transformed into one of Bali’s most renowned destinations that offers the wildest ATV ride in Ubud as well as the best ATV tour on the whole island.

This reason is why Mason chose to build the only ATV track around Taro jungle. It’s also because the jungle is near Mason Adventures restaurant, Koko Bambu Restaurant, Mason Chocolate, and the elephant lodge. The location makes it quite an ideal, primary place for ATV trails where you don’t just get to experience Ubud ATV tour, but after a fun-filled ride, you can explore surrounding sights and avenues.

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Our epic Bali ATV ride takes you on a thrilling ride in the jungle on the only purpose-built ATV track that promises a super intense driving experience like nowhere else on the island. The ATV trails for our ATV ride in Ubud will be a challenge to test your capabilities and motivate you to yearn for more.

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Safety at Its Best

The thought of going for ATV in Bali might terrify you a little, but Mason Adventures makes sure to remove all your fears by providing the highest safety measures. They kick-start their Ubud ATV tour by first showing you a safety video followed by a demonstration that highlights all the procedures and precautions needed for the ATV ride. It also tells you how to handle the buggies while driving. Lastly, there’s a brief warm-up session before you tear up the track!

Exciting Tour Packages With Diverse Activities

The best part about Mason Adventures is that it also offers numerous tour packages with a combination of different activities and that, too, at amazingly affordable prices! Some of their popular packages include:

  • Jungle buggies with morning white water rafting
  • Jungle buggies with morning mountain cycling
  • Elephant safari park visit with jungle buggies
  • Elephant safari ride tour with jungle buggies

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If you are looking to have the most thrilling ATV adventure, we’ve got your covered! Mason Adventures promises to take you through a jungle ride filled with unexpected and challenging turns and twists that will truly bring out your inner thrill-seeker!

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