The Differences of Bali River Rapids

A group of men and woman play white water rafting in Bali river

The Differences of Bali River Rapids

If you’re looking for the ideal de-stressor vacation spot, then Bali is the one for you. The Island is known not only for its scenic beauty but also for its rich culture, history, mouth-watering cuisines, and the plethora of extra-curricular opportunities it provides. You can effortlessly indulge in various activities, thanks to Mason Adventures, including the best white water rafting experience on the Island.

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Are you sick of sunbathing on the white sandy shores? Why not try white water rafting in Bali? You can even opt for river kayaking if not for the various other trips that the company has to offer. A day spent engaged in outdoor adventures is probably the best rejuvenating experience ever.

Mason Adventures – Pioneers of Bali White Water Rafting

Mason Adventures first introduced an amazing river rafting in Bali experience in 1989. They are now the only company to provide the ultimate 5-star rafting experience on varying white water rapids. They offer premium family tours with incredible services, making them truly the best in the industry.

Ayung River Rafting Tour Package

With Mason Adventures, you get the ultimate Ayung river rafting experience. They offer the longest Bali white water rafting trip on the Ayung River. The tour includes not only an unforgettable trip but also the best gourmet lunch on the Island. Enjoy your journey down the scenic river navigating through the varying white water rapids.

Our premium Bali rafting tour also includes changing rooms, towels, hot showers, top of the line medical and safety equipment, electronic security lockers, emergency air medivac, and accident insurance as well as air-conditioned rooms with free Wi-Fi. With Mason Adventures, you enjoy the best Bali rafting tours.

Different Rafting Levels

There are three primary rafting levels that you can choose from on your Ayung river rafting excursion.

  • Class 1 rafting rapids characterize by moving water with small waves. If you are out for a family trip, then this is the ideal river rapid for you. Rafting on class I white water requires minimal navigation as it features wider channels. Even children aged five and above can enjoy the Bali rafting tour on these waters.
  • Class 2 rapids are also relatively easy to maneuver through. They also feature small waves but somewhat trickier channels. You may need to put in just a little more effort to guide your vessel. However, these are also safe for children and ideal for families seeking a bit more adventure.
  • Class 3 rapids have high and irregular waves, so they are more challenging to maneuver through. You will require a little more skill to be able to guide your raft through the channels. Class 3 rapids are perfect for those who want that adrenaline rush.

Class 4, 5, and 6 are substantially more challenging and are not ideal for family trips. You may need a certain level of training before you can take part in these excursions. The water in the Ayung River falls within the first three categories and is perfectly safe for a family day spent river rafting in Bali.

The Perfect Trip for Beginners and Non-Swimmers

Even if you don’t know how to swim or paddle, you can still enjoy white water rafting in Bali. The Ayung river waterfalls within rafting levels 1 to 3, which makes it safe for beginners and non-swimmers alike. The water there is calmer and smoother, so there are minimal chances of the boat toppling over.

Mason Adventures offers basic training essential for survival on the river rapids. State of the art life jackets is available for all riders. Also, there is an expert on board to aid you in emergencies. Whether you are an expert, novice, or a mediocre swimmer, you can enjoy the best white water rafting tour on the Island.

Countless Outdoor Sports

When on an island, you never really run out of water activities. Besides rafting, Mason Adventures also offers other exhilarating activities like river kayaking. If you’re not into group activities, then this may be your choice of activity.

You can even go trekking, mountain cycling, or ride jungle buggies. Maybe a helicopter tour might interest you? Whatever you think of, the Island has to offer, and Mason Adventures can be your guide.

Why Choose Mason Adventures?

Who better than the pioneers of white water rafting in Bali to guide you through the activities on the Island? The company is not only well-established but also very well-reputed in the market. They offer unparalleled services and the best Bali rafting tours.

Here you can even enjoy an amazing spa day where you gain an enriching experience. Indulge at our Japanese style spa for the ultimate rejuvenating experience. You can also taste some exotic chocolates on the Island. Accompany Mason Adventures for a sneak peek into behind the scenes of Mason chocolate factory. Or you can stick to water sports and enjoy river kayaking and rafting on the Ayung River.

Whether you seek adventure or the perfect Bali white water rafting experience, we can provide it for you. Through our various services, you can get close to nature, let off some steam and distress, or you can indulge your taste buds with some of the best food the Island has to offer. Contact Mason Adventures for the best Bali rafting tours.