These Are the 3 Best Rivers for Your Wet & Wild Bali Rafting Adventure

Fun white water rafting in Bali

These Are the 3 Best Rivers for Your Wet & Wild Bali Rafting Adventure

If you are a fun-loving and adventurous traveller, one of the must-do activities is white water rafting in Bali.  It’s a thrilling activity, which is a lot of fun to do as a group. Bali has some fantastic rivers that are perfect for white water rafting, with different distances you can travel and rapid grades. You can spend an exciting few hours riding the rapids and, with help from an expert guide, you don’t need previous experience.

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Why You Should Go White Water Rafting in Bali

Whether you have been white water rafting before or it’s entirely new for you, Bali is the perfect place for a rafting trip. White water rafting in Bali takes you through some stunning backdrops and can be enjoyed in beautiful weather. Some long courses will provide hours of fun, and a choice of several great rivers for your trip. You can also rest assured that rafting in Bali is safe, especially with our 5-star rafting experience.

White water rafting is perfect if you have an adventurous nature or you want to try something new. If you’re prepared to get a little bit wet and you’re not afraid of some physical activity, a thrilling Bali rafting tour is an incredible way to spend half a day.

The 3 Best Rivers for Rafting in Bali

You have a choice of rivers if you want to go rafting in Bali. They all have their benefits and offer something different, but some rivers provide the ultimate experience for Bali rafting. Get ready to take on some white water rapids with one of our top 3 recommended rivers.

River Rafting in Bali on the Ayung River

The Ayung River in the Ubud region is an excellent choice if you’re looking for somewhere close to tourist attractions and accommodation. The reason many people choose this river for their Bali rafting is that it’s a long river. The Ayung rafting route is 13km long, which is the longest available in Bali. Despite the length, it’s still suitable for beginners, offering class 2 and 3 white water rapids. There are some excellent places to stop and take photos along the way, with wildlife and unspoiled jungle there for your viewing.

Rafting in Bali on the Telaga Waja River

You can take a rafting trip of about 3 hours on the Telaga Waja River. Located approximately 2 hours from Kuta, the river flows through mountains and valleys, fields, cliffs and waterfalls. The river is easy to access, which is one of the reasons some people choose it as their preferred rafting location. You can see brightly decorated Hindu shrines along the way, with class 1 and 2 rapids to enjoy on your journey. 

Water Rafting in Bali on the Melangit River

The Melangit River has a slightly more challenging white water rafting course. It has class 3 and 4 rapids, which makes it more suitable for those who are at an intermediate level. If you’ve never been rafting before, this might not be the best option for you. However, if you’re a somewhat experienced rafter, the Melangit River offers a trip of around 1.5 hours over 7.5km. Along the way, you will see rainforest scenery and take on a sharp bend for thrilling river rafting in Bali.

Ayung River: Our Recommended Starting Point

Now you know the difference between Bali rivers for white water rafting. Here at Mason Adventures, we recommend the Ayung River as the ideal place for your Bali rafting tour. If you’re a beginner, it offers a gentler introduction to rafting, while still giving you the excitement that comes from a ride over the rapids. You can enjoy an extended tour of 12km when you choose Ayung rafting, and its proximity to many of the most popular tourist locations in Ubud makes it extremely conveniently located. The tour lasts up to 4 hours, which will give you something fun to do for at least half of your day.

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