What It’s Like White Water Rafting Down the Longest River in Bali

Fun white water rafting in Bali

What It’s Like White Water Rafting Down the Longest River in Bali

White water rafting is the ultimate adrenaline sport, and there’s no better place to try it out than Bali. When you’re rafting in Bali, you can explore the iconic Ayung River as you enjoy the breath-taking waterfalls and jungle surroundings. 

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What Does Bali White Water Rafting Involve?

When you are ready to explore white water rafting in Ubud with Mason Adventures, you’ll begin your journey at the Ubud Adventure Centre. After storing your belongings and being kitted out for safety gear, you’ll make your way to the dedicated starting point. Another expert safety briefing will ensure you’re fully prepared before you launch into an exhilarating two hours of Bali adventure rafting.

After two hours of Bali adventure rafting, you’ll be welcomed back to the Ubud Adventure Centre, where a modern, hot shower awaits you. As a finale to your adventure, you’ll enjoy an alfresco buffet lunch at our exclusive Canopy Rafting Restaurant. 

What Should You Expect When You Go White Water Rafting in Ubud?

Bali white water rafting is the best way to explore the island. As you bump along the class 2 and 3 rapids of the Ayung River, you’ll be treated to sights you can’t see on foot. As well as the picturesque waterfalls and lush jungle greenery, there are hidden carvings and monuments to behold. 

As the longest river in Bali, the Ayung offers unrivalled opportunities to see the island at its best, especially if you’re rafting in Bali. Our longest water rafting along the Ayung River is 12km, which gives you plenty of time to explore everything it has to offer!

What Makes Mason Adventures Different?

As Mason Adventures, we’re committed to providing our guests with fun, safe and memorable experiences, including rafting in Bali. With over 30 years of experience, we combine the latest innovations with advanced safety protocols to deliver unforgettable adventures. 

From afternoon activities to entire tours, we enable you to explore the best Bali has to offer with our Ayung River rafting trips. As well as giving you endless things to do, we recognize the importance of safety and transparency. Our fleet of GPS and radio-controlled buses are in constant contact with one another, so you can be sure our dedicated team is always on hand to provide support, assistance, and reassurance. 

Why Choose Mason Adventures for White Water Rafting?

At Mason Adventures, we’re proud to offer the best rafting experience in Bali. As we take Ayung River rafting, you’ll experience the island as never before. Whether you’re a first-time visitor, a returning guest or a resident, white water rafting in Ubud will enable you to explore previously unseen treasures.

You can rest assured that we take your safety and security seriously at all times too. As part of planning the ultimate white water rafting trips, we ensure every element of your activity is safe. All participants are kitted out in modern safety equipment before they set off and experienced guides are on hand at all times. What’s more – you’ll have access to our free helicopter medevac service if a medical emergency does arise. 

With your safety taken care of, you can relax and focus on the unique delights of white water rafting along the enigmatic Ayung River. 

Who Can Take Part in Water Rafting

Water rafting is a fantastic experience for everyone, so we do everything we can to ensure the activity is open to as many people as possible. Our water rafting tours are suitable for ages 5-65 years so that the whole family can participate in this unforgettable excursion!

Of course, if you have any existing health issues, do let us know in advance. Water rafting is an exciting and exhilarating experience, but it may not be right for everybody. Our professional guides will help you to decide if white water riding is proper for you and ensure you find the perfect way to explore the region. 

What Other Activities Can You Combine with Water Rafting?

Once you’ve tried water rafting with Mason Adventures, you’ll be eager to find out what other activities and experiences we offer. With countless things to do and adventures to embark on, you can combine a range of activities with your water rafting trip.

Why not relax following an afternoon of white water rafting with a night Safari Under The Stars? Alternatively, you can spend the morning water rafting before taking an Elephant Safari Ride Tour in the afternoon. If you want to try something different, why not sign up for our unforgettable Bathe and Breakfast with Elephants, followed by an Elephant Safari Ride and an afternoon of white water rafting

From exploring the terrain on jungle buggies to relaxing with a spa treatment, you can create the best rafting trip of your life with Mason Adventures. To find out more, contact us now on +62 361 721 480.