Yanie Mason

Yanie Mason

Made Karyani “Yanie” Mason was born and raised in Legian village, one of seven children in her family. She spent her childhood in a very different Legian and Kuta than we see today, long before electricity, roads or tourists. In fact, she didn’t own her first pair of rubber thongs until she was 11 years old. In those days, life was quite a struggle for the average family and Yanie learned to be tough. With an inquisitive mind, she was always questioning things that she saw around her.

When tourists began to trickle into the village, Yanie learned to supplement the family income by selling anything possible to tourists, be it a flower she’d picked from someone’s garden or soft drinks on the beach. In fact, the first English phrase she remembers learning was: “Allo! You wan coll dring?”

Made Yanie MasonYanie was a straight-A student, always at the top of her class, especially in English. She was the first girl from Legian to enter university, where she was still studying when she met her future husband, Nigel. While studying part time she was also the general manager’s secretary at the then-newly opened Intan Cottages Hotel.

Yanie is probably best known for the famous “Yanie’s Restaurant & Bar”. But, she also is known as a woman who stands up against injustice and has fought for recognition as who she is and what she believes in. She has become recognized as one of Bali’s top businesswomen, while managing to mix a happy family life and raise two sons in a blended Balinese-Western culture. Yanie has gained respect among the Balinese and the expatriate communities, both of which have watched her climb the ladder of success over the past 20 years, together with her husband Nigel.

In her leisure hours, Yanie enjoys gardening, Balinese and modern dance, and badminton on the family court. An example of Yanie’s continued community involvement; is her active membership on numerous charity and other organizations in Bali.