Embark on a Exciting Jungle Adventure at Bali’s Best Wildlife Zoo and Safari Park

Bali is no doubt heaven on earth for all nature lovers. The Island is surrounded by lush forests, historical sites, temples exuding rich cultural history, and of course, the beautiful white-sand beaches. But what makes it particularly appealing to travelers is the presence of a plethora of activities they can undertake, including Safari Bali.

Book your next Bali adventure at our award winning jungle safari park eco-lodge!

Mason Bali Safari Park

At our Bali Safari Park, you get to enjoy an unforgettable experience with Sumatran elephants. You can not only meet and greet them, but you can also reside with them and spend your entire trip right by their side.  

What Makes Bali Zoo Safari Park Unique?

Our Bali Zoo Park is unlike any other animal park that you will ever visit. The park is designed explicitly for our Sumatran elephants so they can move freely in an ideal habitat. The Mason Elephant Lodge and garden were designed purely for the conservation of the 27 Sumatran elephants rescued from government camps.

After 20 years of dedicated service, they have naturally bred to add four more elephants to the herd, which is a testament to our dedication to their conservation. The habitat we have designed is in line with animal welfare guidelines to ensure the endangered species not only survives but thrives.

Mission Statement – Guarantees Five Freedoms

Our mission is to provide the endangered Sumatran elephants with the ideal environment for them to thrive, and this we ensure the following:

  • Freedom from thirst and hunger
  • Optimal comfort
  • Protection from pain, injury or disease
  • Freedom from distress and fear
  • Freedom of expression

We do not believe in caging the animal; thus, our Bali zoo safari park is designed for them and them alone. We ensure they always have access to clean drinking water, nutritious food, comfortable places to rest, ample space to roam in, and 24/7 access to healthcare.

We treat our elephants like kings at our animal safari, so they feel at ease at all times. We ensure they are not distressed so that they can grow and breed healthily.

Elephant Safari Ride

At our Bali Zoo Safari, you can enjoy a thrilling elephant ride. You get an extensive tour of the grounds so you can firsthand experience the peaceful and scenic habitat in which our giants reside. The Bali Safari tour atop elephants provides an interactive experience, so you get to know more about the endangered species and how we take care of them.

Plus, they are an absolute delight to be around, and their calming presence can help you get closer to nature. The complete Ubud Safari Elephant tour package includes:

  • Tour of the grounds
  • Access to all park facilities and attractions
  • Educational show providing information on the residing elephants
  • Air-conditioned hotel transfer
  • Emergency Air Medevac
  • Free Wi-Fi

Mason – Bali Safari Park and Lodges

If you want the ultimate Safari Bali experience, then why not live with the animals. At Mason Elephant Safari Park and lodges, you can step out the door of your hotel room and greet elephants first thing in the morning.

Here you can restore your body and soul as there is nothing more calming than living amid our jungle-like Animal Park. Here you not only get access to luxury accommodation but also get to experience nature’s marvels as you live life with the elephants.

Services Offered in Mason Elephant Lodges

At our Zoo in Ubud, you get access to a plethora of services and extracurricular activities to enjoy. You can avail of the VIP elephant Chauffeur pick and drop service. You won’t have to set foot on the ground when you can spend your time sitting atop the elephants.

You can even indulge in the Elephant bathing sessions. Wake up earlier, so you can wash an elephant and enjoy a playful interactive morning with them. You can even undertake the elephant trekking session during the day.

At night you can enjoy Ubud safari at our zoo in Ubud. Hop right onto the elephants back and explore the forests of Taro and later enjoy a wonderful dinner. The residents can also enjoy all-day access to our Elephant Park and Botanical Gardens, both of which are truly remarkable sites. They are a sight to behold and act as nature preserves, ensuring animals have access to an ideal habitat at all times.

Residents will also have access to Elephant viewing terrace and treetop walkway besides other amenities, including a wellness spa, private bar, a well-equipped gym, a and weight room, in-room dining, and other accommodation facilities.

As a resident of the lodges, you will have 24/7 access to grounds other visitors don’t, so it will be like living in a private jungle resort. Enjoy a nice massage at our spa while surrounded by nature and our gentle giants as they carry on with their daily activities. Our Bali Safari tour might very well be the perfect family vacation for all nature lovers out there.

Why Choose Mason Adventures?

Mason Elephant Lodges is the ideal Bali Zoo Park. Its sole purpose is to provide the rescued endangered Sumatran elephants with the perfect habitat to grow up. Not only does it ensure they have access to clean water and food, it allows them to thrive in an ideal setting so they can breed.

They are victims of deforestation, and we at Mason Adventures consider ourselves lucky to be provided with the opportunity to care for them all the while bringing our customers a unique animal safari experience for them to enjoy.

At Mason elephant lodges, you not only have access to the best Ubud Safari but also to a world full of exciting adventure sports. We are pioneers of river rafting on the Island and are the only ones offering 5-star Bali tours to its clients.

Our Bali Safari Park is open and accessible for all ages making it the ideal family-friendly activity. You can indulge in elephant feeding, and bathing encounters to obtain information on the endangered species via the museum, art gallery, and information center.

When in Bali, a visit to the Mason Elephant Safari is an experience that you don’t want to miss.