Experience Bali’s Most Magical Moonlit Night Safari Tour

What’s better for a family-friendly adventure than a night at the zoo in Bali? What makes it even more remarkable is if you go for one when the stars are out and not the sun. You can not only beat the heat but the best night safari in Bali with Mason Adventures.

Bali is a popular tourist destination for its rich cultural history, plenty of historical sites, and vast expanses of forests and beaches. The Island provides a lot of opportunities for adventure, and one such attraction is the Bali zoo night safari by Mason Adventures.

Book your night safari tour today for a moonlit adventure you’ll never forget!

Mason Adventures – Best Night Safari in Bali

If you’re looking for an enchanting and enthralling experience at the same time, then the night safari package by Mason adventures is perfect for you. Our night safari tour in Bali is unlike any other you will experience. Here, you can experience more than just a tour of the forest grounds.

What a Night at the Zoo in Bali Includes

Our night safari tour in Bali is not on foot and not by bus or any other vehicle. Your mode of transportation will be atop elephants. Not only do you get to roam the forests, but you also get to experience life within an enchanting trip, which comes included with an air-conditioned hotel transfer and many more activities.

About Our Bali Zoo Night Safari

While incredibly enjoyable, our Bali night safari is not just an ordinary safari tour. It is a unique Elephant safari park with a total of 31 Sumatran elephants we rescued from government camps. Sumatran elephants are considered an endangered species.

Mason Adventures rescued a total of 27 elephants and provided them with the ideal habitat keeping in line with animal welfare guidelines. As a fruitful result of our tireless dedication, four more elephants were added to the herd through natural breeding.

Our Bali zoo night safari is not just an ordinary experience in safari park. It is a conservation site that allows people of all ages to interact with the precious, gentle giants.

Elephant Education Show and Dinner

You can enjoy an educational elephant show that will provide all the information about these precious animals at our night safari in Bali. You can also learn about our conservation efforts and their fruitful results. Here, you get a chance to learn about their lifestyle, habits, likes, and dislikes besides learning about the species and its history.

A zoo night tour follows the education show through the Taro forest. The dimly lit surroundings seem incredibly magical, especially atop the elephants. The tour ends with a special gourmet set or buffet dinner that comes included in the night safari package. Enjoy gourmet dishes and the ultimate dining experience at our Palm grove situated right by the lake.

Safety Guaranteed

Our customer safety and health is always our top priority. Our night time animal safari also includes accidental insurance in case of unforeseen circumstances. We also offer emergency air medevac to ensure the safety of our customers.

With Mason Adventures, you can be assured of your safety. We are the pioneer of river rafting on the Island and are the only 5-star Bali adventure tours. We hold almost 30 years of experience and ensure that we are the best in the industry.

Other Park Activities

 At our zoo night tour, you can enhance your experience by increasing your interaction with the elephants via the following activities:

  • Feeding the elephants by hand
  • Visit the elephant lake
  • Treetop walks
  • A trip to the elephant viewing terrace
  • Access to the elephant museum and information center
  • Visit the Botanical gardens

Mason Elephant Lodges

There’s a whole lot more that you can do when you opt for the night at the zoo in Bali. You can even choose to reside amid the safari park at our air-conditioned residence included in the safari at night tour package. At Mason elephant lodges, you can experience luxury living like never before. You get VIP treatment not just by our staff but also through your cohabitants.

As a resident, you will have access to a VIP elephant chauffeur pick and drop service. They will pick you up from your room for your evening safari. Here luxury living meets our conservation efforts. You can enjoy our services right amid our world-famous Mason Elephant Park.

Why Choose Mason Adventures?

Mason Adventures is the pioneer of river rafting, the ultimate adventure sports on the Island. With around 30 years of experience, we are an established name in the industry and can guarantee the best service available on the Island.

We go out of our way to enrich the experience for our customers, which is why we offer so much more than a zoo night tour. Our evening safari program provides a series of experiences that aim to educate and enhance the understanding of the elephant lifestyle and their habitat.

We only engage in ethical practices and ensure our elephants are healthy and not overburdened. Here, we offer both elephants and humans a chance to interact with nature to restore harmony and peace to the mind, body, and soul.

Why Opt for Bali Zoo Night Safari?

The Bali night safari offers an enhanced experience for those looking for something different. Everything seems better under the moonlit sky. Our night time animal safari is open for all ages and makes for the perfect family-friendly trip to end the day. 

Those residing in the Mason Elephant Lodges will have access to a lot of other amenities, including the wellness spa, gym, and weight room. They can get a massage or go for a dip in the pool, all the while surrounded by the friendly giants going about their daily activities. If you wake up early enough, you can even bath these giant babies. 

They can complete their interactive experience with our safari at night, which is a must when in Bali. We at Mason Elephant Lodges can make your trip even more memorable. Not only did we reinvent the safari experience to be more interactive, but we also offer amazing amenities and extra-curricular activities that you don’t want to miss!