A Melody for Elephants

We are delighted to be able to offer our friends and associates a free performance of the BlueScope Youth Orchestra from Australia, a multicultural group of talented child musicians, who will visit the park on the 6th of July.

This exclusive performance will be held at 1 pm coinciding with the opening of our newly completed 140-seat theatre at the park.

As there is limited seating, please book in advance.

The park is open to any guests from 9 am onwards (so you can make a day of it!).

You will only be required to pay the normal entrance fee to the park (395k IDR) as a donation to the elephants.

After the performance, you may enjoy an afternoon with the elephants.

Our park restaurant will be available for those wishing to have lunch either before or after the performance. A bar will also be set up at the entrance to the theatre.

The choir will be performing 3 pieces:
–    The Underground Tango
–    Waltzing Matilda
–    And a special rendition of Baby Elephant Walk

We are delighted to host this critically acclaimed group of child musicians and hope that you can join us for this cultural event.