About Us

   Welcome to Mason Adventures, also known as Bali Adventure Tours, the island’s longest-established and critically acclaimed adventure tour operator. We are proud to showcase our unrivalled world class adventures through the multitude of interactive tours, facilities and excursions that our family owns and operates.

   From the humble beginnings of Yanie’s Restaurant in 1985, we pioneered Bali’s first White Water Rafting operation in 1989 then commenced Mountain Cycling and Tropical Trekking in 1991, followed in 1997 with the opening of Bali’s first elephant rescue facility, the Mason Elephant Park, and in 2009 its luxurious 5-Star Lodge. 2015 marked the re-launching of Mason Adventure Sky Tours, offering guests a range of high-class Helicopter tours and services. In recent years, we revamped the rafting industry with the opening of the multifunctional Mason Adventure Centre, a multi-million-dollar investment providing our guests with a 5-Star rafting experience from start to finish. 2017 saw the launching of Mason Jungle Buggies, Bali’s newest and most exciting off-road challenge, as well as Mason Gourmet Chocolate, the archipelago’s most unique chocolate experience.

   All tours and services are tied together by our own fleet of radio and GPS controlled buses, and in the case of a medical emergency, all guests are covered by our exclusive Free Helicopter Medivac Service. Our friendly and professional staff are the best in the industry, and as Bali’s safest, most efficient and eco-friendly adventure company, you can count on us to provide you with an unforgettable experience.

Mason Family - Mason Adventures (Bali Adventure Tours)

Nigel, Yanie, Jian & Shan Mason
Company Founders & Family Operators



With almost 30 years of adventure experience, we are renowned in Bali as being the best and no other adventure tour operator comes close.


Our company offers ‘5 Stars’ facilities and service from start to finish with a 100% money back guarantee as we own and operate ALL our tours.


You pay for what you get and we guarantee you the complete premium experience from start to finish.


Western managed with international standards in safety and service. When you come on any of our tours, you know you’re in good hands with Full Accident Insurance and Emergency Air Medivac.


We pride ourselves on giving back to our community and granting opportunities to the locals and their families through sustainable tourism practices which entitles us to be members of MVB Indonesia.


We offer 100% of your money back if you don’t find all advertised facilities and features on any of our tours or products.


- Mason Adventures (Bali Adventure Tours)