Jungle Buggies

Start your engines and get ready to embark on a journey into the jungle to experience Bali’s first and only purpose-built ATV track. This thrilling new course, spanning 5km over each lap, was crafted with the hardiest adventure seekers in mind to provide an exciting and intense driving experience like no other on the island.


Full Safety Equipment

3 Laps on the Track

Access to the Mason Gourmet Chocolate Factory Showroom

Delicious Lunch

Air-Conditioned Hotel Transfers

Emergency Accident Insurance

Emergency Air Medivac*

Free Wi-Fi


Lunch & Meals Available at our Onsite Restaurant

Drivers must be 18yrs+ and have a Driver's License

Tandem Passengers must be 12yrs+

Lap time depends on drivers skill and speed

Closed Footwear Recommended

Bring Swimmers if you wish to Swim in our Pool


Utilizing Polaris Buggies, guests have the option of choosing between single-seated models or to ride tandem with a friend or guide in double-seated models, as well as deciding the amount of laps to complete. The challenging and varied trail will make you feel like a rally driver, testing your capabilities and leaving you yearning for more.

Your adventure starts at Koko Bambu Restaurant, a beautiful natural structure comprised entirely out of bamboo. A safety video and demonstration will be shown outlining the necessary precautions and procedures involved with handling the buggies, before helmets with visors are distributed. Then, you’ll get in your vehicle and after a brief warm up session, you’re ready to tear up the track!

All buggies are custom-fitted with GoPro mounts, so guests have the option of recording their action-packed experience.

Afterwards, you can choose to take some time to relax and enjoy a drink or meal by the pool, overlooking scenic rice paddies and the jungle’s edge.


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Best Bali ATV Riding Tours

If you’re looking for a real ATV adventure in Bali, then Mason Adventures has you covered. As Bali’s longest running and most widely acclaimed adventure tour operator, we have a selection of Bali buggies for rent, available for days tours that see you riding throughout the jungle on the island’s first and only purpose-built ATV track.

Skip the boring quad bike tours and instead take a spin on one of our powerful buggy ATVs. Our track will take you through 5 km of jungle for each lap with challenging twists, turns and terrain, that will excite even the most experienced thrill seekers and make for a Bali ATV ride that you’ll never forget.

The Best ATV in Bali

When you join us for your Bali ATV ride, you’re provided with Polaris buggies and given the option of single-seated models or double-guided models if you want to ride with a friend or even a guide. Complete up to 3 laps on our huge track, taking you through the depths of a varied and challenging jungle, ready to get your pulse racing and your senses invigorated.

If you prefer to let a trusted guide take the wheel, our Bali ATV tour is still full of fantastic sights to see. From the natural Bambu Restaurant, built entirely from bamboo, you’re given a quick tutorial and warm-up session before you set off on the track. From there, explore the hills, dips, turns, and more, all while surrounded by the gorgeous Balinese ecosystem.

What to Expect from the Bali ATV Tour

Our 5 km purpose-made Bali ATV ride track is designed to offer an exciting and varied experience of the gorgeous island jungle. Your safety during your ride is paramount so, besides safety training, we provide full safety equipment, emergency accident insurance, and emergency air medevac.

Lunch and meals are available from the Bambu Restaurant, whether you want to fuel up for the trip ahead or to celebrate an excellent ride with some excellent food. If you feel like a taste adventure to go with the best ATV in Bali, you can check out the nearby Mason Gourmet Chocolate Factory Showroom, as well.

Make It a Real Adventure

Our buggy ATV is equipped with high horsepower to weight ratio, strong suspension and a roll-over cage, making it much more powerful and safer than riding a normal quad bike in Bali, and it’s only natural that you’ll be left aching for more adventure. At Mason Adventures, we offer a host of bundle packages, including day tours, activities and more. The adventure doesn’t have to stop until you want it to.

To make your adventure more exciting, you can combine a morning elephant safari ride with our Jungle Buggy tour. Our buggies provide a better, faster and more thrilling drive than quad bike riding alone. Alternatively you can see the island’s jungles at different speeds by going mountain cycling in the morning then hopping on one of our Bali buggies after or rocketing down the rapids with our white water rapid before careening through the jungle on an ATV adventure.

Whatever your taste for adventure, we have both the activities and the bundles to make sure that you have a fantastic time.

Skip Riding a Quad Bike in Bali and Rev Up One of Our Buggy ATVs Instead

We always want to make sure that you have the most enjoyable extreme sporting experience possible and our buggy ATVs make for a safer and more fun ride than you get with typical quad bike tours. Our world-class facilities, services, and dedication to safe, exciting adventures are what have helped us excel as a stop for all thrill-seeking visitors. When you come to us for an adventure, we make it as convenient and as fun as possible.

From our friendly team that’s always on hand to offer advice and answer questions to our fleet of GPS-controlled buses that can take you to whichever site you need to reach to the excellent restaurant and chocolate tasting experiences provided, we’re glad to make sure that you get everything you want from one of our adventures.

As Bali’s safest, most efficient and environmentally aware adventure company, we want you to feel safe to push your taste of adventure to its limits and to have a truly unforgettable experience on the island.

Why Choose Mason Adventures?

Besides the chance for a thrilling ATV ride, here are some of the reasons that Mason Adventures has become the foremost name in Bali adventure experiences.


We’ve provided all kinds of adventure activities to visitors to the island for over 30 years. We have the kind of established brand name that you simply won’t find elsewhere.

Facilities and Service

Customer satisfaction is our top priority, but for safety. As such, our trained, friendly staff operates all of our own tours, and we offer a truly 5-star experience in the midst of the Balinese jungle.

Value for Money

We provide comprehensive adventure experiences that are worth every cent you pay, ensuring a premium service from start to finish.


With all safety equipment, training, full accident insurance, and emergency air medevac provided as part of the package, we ensure that you’re in good hands when you set off on one of our adventures.


Mason Adventures has a long history of giving back to its local community, through sustainable tourism practices, working with locals and their families, and ensuring the eco-friendliest adventures on the island.

100% Money Back Guarantee

How much belief do we have in the quality and excitement of the adventure experiences we provide? If your adventure isn’t everything it was advertised to be, you will get your money back.

Get in Touch to Arrange Your Bali ATV Adventure Today

If you feel the need for speed, to tackle the toughest terrain, and see some jaw-dropping natural jungle expanses, then our ATV tours in Bali could be the perfect choice for you. Not sure what you’re getting into? Just look at what our guests have to say about our day tours on the home page and rest assured that when you partner with Mason Adventures, you’re getting the premium experience and 5-star services from beginning to end and will have much more fun than you would with quad bike riding.

Whether you want to know more about our ATV riding experiences, about the value combos that combine two experiences together, have a special event you would like us to accommodate, or have any other questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch. We’re always glad to help spark that excitement for adventure.