Mountain Cycling

Get ready to embark on a journey off the beaten track, through some of Bali’s most scenic highland locales. Start your ride near the renowned Mount Batur Volcano, overlooking Kintamani Lake, and cycle down through 30kms of forest trails, ancient Hindu temples, villages, rice fields, and plantations, sampling exotic fruits at their natural source.


Modern Mountain Bikes & Helmets


Mineral Water During Trip

Refreshing Cold Towels

Air-Conditioned Hotel Transfers

Emergency Accident Insurance

Emergency Air Medivac*

Free Wi-Fi


Tour Located: Kintamani to Tatag

Tour Duration approx. 3 – 4 hours

Closed Footwear Recommended


This tour finishes off at the beautifully eco-friendly Koko Bambu Restaurant, home of Mason Jungle Buggies and the Mason Gourmet Chocolate Factory. Mountain Cycling can be designed for a range of different riding levels for a more adventurous off-road experience, and can be extended to join our White Water Rafting.


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Best Bali Mountain Bike & Cycling Tours

When it comes to Bali mountain biking and cycling tours, Mason Adventures is the best in the same. We’re the longest established and best received tour operator in the adventure experience business, providing unmatched bike ride and mountain bike experience that can show you some of the very best of the island.

Our cycling tour takes you across 3 to 4 hours of gorgeous, dramatic natural environments, challenging even the most hardened adventures and enthralling all with some of the jaw-dropping sights to be found along the way.

The Best Cycling Tour in Bali

Set off from our gorgeous, eco-friendly Koko Bambu Restaurant with our cycling tour. Our guides can help you from Kintamani to Tatag, with different mountain bike tour experiences designed for every skill level. Whether you’re an inexperienced rider looking to push yourself while seeing beautiful new environments, or a tried and tested adventurer with a taste for a challenge, we have you covered with our bike tours in Bali.


Bali cycling is unlike the biking experiences you’re likely to find elsewhere. The island is full of phenomenal scenic highland locales. Our Bali bike tour starts near the Mount Batur Volcano and provides a breath-taking a look at Kintamani lake, taking you over 30kms through winding forest trails, past villages, ancient Hindu temples, rice fields, and more. You can even stop and sample an exotic fruit on the way.

What to Expect from the Bali Bike Tour

When you join Mason Adventures for a bike ride, you get more than just access to the route. All equipment is provided, including high-quality mountain bikes and helmets. Lunch is provided, as is refreshing mineral water and cold towels to help you fuel up and cool down.


Making Bali cycling as convenient and as safe as possible is a key priority for our team. For that reason, we provide air-conditioned hotel transfers to arrange your arrival to the site. We also provide emergency accident insurance and emergency air medevac to ensure that you’re in safe hands. Our Bali eco cycling experience also ensures minimal impact on the local environment, so those looking for sustainable travel adventures are more than welcome.

Make It a Combo Adventure

For some people, Bali mountain biking can be more than enough excitement for one day. However, for others, it stirs a thirst for more adventure that we’re more than happy to accommodate. Our value bundles ensure that you can follow up one adventure with another and get the most bang for your buck.


Besides a choice of two different bike tours in Bali, you can also combine your experience with our Safari Under The Stars, Elephant Safari Ride Tour, Bathe & Breakfast With Elephants, White Water Rafting or White Water Rafting.


If you have an appetite for adventure, Mason Adventures is here to ensure that you get your fill, with quality service from beginning to end.

Enjoy the Best Bali Mountain Biking Experience Around

No other adventure teams provide the quality of cycling tour in Bali that Mason Adventures does, we’re confident when we say that much. We are dedicated to providing the finest standard of facilities and services, alongside safe and exhilarating adventures that have seen countless visitors well satisfied and invigorated.


We do what we can to make your adventure with us as convenient and comfortable as possible. Our fleet of air-conditioned GPS-controlled buses make it easy to reach where you need to go. Our friendly staff is on hand to make sure you’re comfortable and secure. We have fantastic eating experiences at our Koko Bambu restaurant.


Mason Adventures is the safest, most convenient, and eco-friendly adventure company on the island. Who better to help you push yourself to the limit, see some of Bali’s gorgeous wildlife, and ensure an adventure that you’ll have a difficult time forgetting?

Why Choose Mason Adventures?

If excellent Bali cycling isn’t enough to convince you, here are just some of the aspects that make Mason Adventures the finest choice for exhilarating activities on the island.


As a family run business of adventure enthusiasts, we’ve worked with the local community and served visitors for over 30 years. You won’t find that kind of dedication anywhere else.

Facilities and Service

Our expertly trained, the ever-welcoming team operates all of our own tours. As such, we’re in charge of ensuring a 5-star adventure experience from beginning to end, from transport to safety to comfort.

Value for Money

You will always get exactly the kind of adventure you deserve when you book with Mason Adventures. We excel in providing a truly premium travel experience.


Ensuring your safety is our number one priority. We have trained staff on hand, safety equipment provided as standard, full accident insurance, and emergency air medevac all available.


Our Bali eco cycling experience is just one example of how we endeavor to ensure the minimum possible impact on the local environment. We also work with the local community to ensure sustainable tourism practices, so you can enjoy a guilt-free adventure.

100% Money Back Guarantee

How much belief do we have in the quality and excitement of the adventure experiences we provide? If your adventure isn’t everything it was advertised to be, you will get your money back.

Get in Touch to Arrange Your Mountain Biking Adventure Today

Want to reach those dazzling heights, explore through Hindu temples, and overlook the most gorgeous lake on the island? You will see all of that and more from our excellent cycling tours in Bali. Don’t take our word for it, however, just look at some of the lovely and kind words our guests have had to say after they have finished their mountain bike tour with Mason Adventures. Whatever adventure you choose, you’re guaranteed to receive top level service.


Don’t hesitate to get in touch about the Bali mountain biking and cycling tour experiences that we offer, or to combine two experiences together. We can also accommodate weddings and other events, so if you have any questions, drop us a line. Mason Adventures is excited to greet you and sure to thrill you.