White Water Rafting

Get wet and wild with the pioneers of Bali’s adventure industry, and enjoy a thrilling and scenic journey along the enigmatic Ayung River in Ubud. Featuring Bali’s longest white water rafting trip and exclusively providing the only premium experience available on the island from start to finish; including the best facilities, equipment, safety, food and service.


Complete, Modern Safety Equipment

Gourmet Buffet Lunch

Change Rooms, Towels & Hot Showers

Electronic Security Lockers

Air-Conditioned Hotel Transfers

Emergency Accident Insurance

Emergency Air Medivac*

Free Wi-Fi


Bali’s Longest Raft Tour - 12kms

For Ages 5yr - 65yrs

Located in Ubud Area

Tour Duration approx. 3 - 4 hours

Change of Clothes Required


Savor exciting action along class 2 and 3 rapids with swirling waters, turbulent rapids, and sudden adrenaline pumping drops, all the while taking in the abundance of lush jungle wildlife, waterfalls, intricate wall carvings, and exotic scenery the river has to offer; all adding up towards an experience you’ll never forget.

Your white water rafting adventure starts at the Ubud Adventure Centre with our secure electronic locker and bracelet system to store your belongings. After using our modern changing rooms, you’ll then be shuttled up to our Rafting Reception Centre for a custom fit-out of life jackets, helmets and paddles, before being led to our deep jungle starting point, going down our engineered stairs complete with stainless steel safety handrails. Along the way there are several photo opportunity spots to take in the breathtaking views of pristine unspoiled jungle and wildlife.

An expert safety briefing with qualified guides will then be demonstrated before launching into your approximately 2-hour rafting journey. After finishing off at our beautiful river landing point, you’ll then be escorted back up to the Ubud Adventure Centre for a welcome hot shower with the complete range of bathroom amenities and a full buffet lunch finale at our alfresco Canopy Rafting Restaurant.

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Best White Water Rafting in Bali

When you decide to head to Bali, you are taking a trip into the beautiful heart of Indonesia. One of the most appealing and picturesque places on Earth, Bali has proven hugely popular with tourists, and for good reason. There are a lot of great experiences to be had here, and it’s important to explore and have adventures so that you can experience all the secrets Bali has to offer.

One of the best ways you can achieve this is to go white water rafting in Bali. There are so many amazing areas of the island to explore, and Bali rafting is such an excellent way of doing this. Having the ultimate experience when white water rafting in Bali is essential for making the most of your trip, and this could wind up being the highlight of your time here.

Why Go White Water Rafting in Bali?

There are plenty of great reasons to enjoy a rafting tour during your time in Bali. This is a wonderful way of seeing a different side of Bali and having a unique experience. Here are some of the important reasons to go river rafting in Bali.


Bali water rafting is a wonderful way to have an exciting adventure on this delightful island. Nestled in the heart of the Indian Ocean, this forested, mountainous island is one of the most stunning places on Earth. And you can have great fun paddling into the wilderness on one of our Bali rafting tours. You will see and experience things you would never normally see by just walking around the island. The spirit of adventure is so important in a place like this and this is what we try to offer with our excursion.

Team Building

Not only is white water rafting a thrilling experience, but it is also a great way of team-building and developing strong bonds of friendship. So, whether you are taking our Bali rafting tours as a group of friends, or a business team building exercise, there is so much benefit. This is a great way of enjoying a practical excursion that is going to develop a much stronger team ethic for the future.


We pride ourselves on being able to offer some amazing Bali water rafting tours for affordable rates. At Mason Adventures, we understand that everyone has a budget to work with, and this is why we have different packages that we offer for customers to take advantage of. There are morning and afternoon packages, a combination adventure with a safari, group Ayung River rafting tours, and many more besides.

Why Take Our Tour?

So, you’ve decided you’d like to enjoy a Bali rafting experience, and now it’s a case of finding what works for you. You want to be looking at the best Bali tours that you can choose from, and Mason Adventures certainly offers this. Here are a couple of the most prominent reasons why you should make the most of our Bali white water rafting tours.

Great Value

One of the things we pride ourselves on is being able to provide some of the best value on the whole island in terms of our tour experience. There are a lot of things that we include as part of our packages to really give the customer the best value. For instance, we provide you with changing rooms and hot water to get changed before and after your excursion. There is top of the range safety equipment for every single customer, as well as a delicious buffet lunch to fill your hungry stomach. You can also enjoy secure lockers, comfortable hotel transfers, emergency insurance, emergency air Medivac, and free Wi-Fi.

Thrills & Spills

As well as some of the best value in Bali, you can also enjoy the thrills and spills of our rafting tour. This is an adventure perfectly suited to those of all levels of experience, and you can enjoy the thrill of negotiating the beautiful and enigmatic Ayung River. This is the longest white water rafting experience on the island and really lets you feel like you have gotten the best possible experience.

What You Can Expect

When you are choosing the best Bali tours, you need to know what you can expect from the experience. There is plenty to be excited about when you choose to be a part of our Ayung River rafting experience.

Bali with a Difference

Experiencing Bali with a difference is one of the most impressive factors of our tours. You can get active by tackling some class 2 and 3 rapids and pitting your wits against the elements. While you do so, you can take in some of the delightful scenery and lush jungle surroundings. Starting at the Ubud Adventure Centre, and following qualified guides on a 2-hour rafting odyssey, this is truly an experience of a lifetime.

Focus on Safety

As you would imagine, with an activity like white water rafting, safety is paramount. And this is why we have done as much as possible to ensure we focus on safety wherever we can. You want to be able to enjoy a safe experience river rafting in Bali, and this is what we provide. Customers at Mason Adventures will be provided with helmets, paddles, life jackets, specially designed stairs with safety rail, emergency insurance (if required), and fully qualified guides. We understand the importance of the health and safety of all our customers, and this is something we focus on a lot during our tour operations.

Capture the Moments

There will also be the opportunity to capture some of the most amazing scenery and experiences from your adventure. There are numerous spots along the way where the group will stop, and there will be the opportunity to take photos and capture the moment for posterity purposes. A white water rafting experience in Bali is the ideal opportunity to make some amazing memories, and our tour offers you the perfect opportunity to do this. The breathtaking beauty of the excursion is something you can’t help but want to capture and look back on over the years.