Best Bali Safari Hotel and Resort Jungle Lodge

If you are visiting Bali and have a love for animals, you shouldn’t settle for staying at just any hotel. Smart tourists will book their stay at a Bali safari hotel instead.

Why? Because only a safari park hotel can let you in on the near-magical experience that this ethereal island has to offer for all animal lovers. 

Book your stay at Bali’s best luxury safari hotel and resort!

Bali Safari Resort – The Ultimate Tropical Retreat

Bali is a unique island full of scenic landscapes consisting of golden-sand beaches, gushing water rivers, tranquil lakes, volcanic mountains, dense forests, and lots more. Thanks to these varying landscapes, another thing that Bali is naturally rich in is a range of abundant and exciting wildlife. 

From colorful tropical birds and long-tailed monkeys to the giant Sumatran elephants and lots of other species in between, there’s a whole fleet of exotic animals waiting to welcome you in the heart of Indonesia. 

What better way to greet them than by booking a stay at one of the best safari hotels located in the midst of it all?

Mason Adventures brings you an exclusive opportunity to become one with nature and marvel at the incredible beauty of this island.

Mason Elephant Park & Lodge 

Nothing competes with the rejuvenated feeling that comes with taking a stroll in a botanical garden and spending some quality time with welcoming creatures like elephants that relax you to the core.

A close and personal encounter with elephants is usually the highlight of most tropical vacations. Our Elephant Park & Lodge, as the name suggests, is specially designed around these native inhabitants of Bali to add a royal touch to your tropical getaway.

Here, you can pet, walk, ride, and even dine with these gentle giants. You can also see them closer as they feed, bathe, stroll, and go about doing their usual activities – all without compromising on the comfort of staying in premium luxury safari lodges

Meet the Balinese Behemoths

Majestic, gentle, and simply magnificent, elephants are said to be the wisest of all in the animal kingdom. But what’s interesting is that these friendly beasts enjoy human interactions as much as humans want to interact with them.

Thus, a few hours with these majestic giants is definitely well worth your time and money. 

When you book a spot at our safari park hotel, you get to enjoy the company of these friendly animals for as long as you like. 

Go On an Elephant Safari Ride

Located in the center of the tourist-friendly Taro jungle, our safari lodge in Bali provides a once-in-a-lifetime experience that you won’t forget. 

Begin your day with a stroll exploring the fauna and flora in the jungle from the high vantage point that our Bali safari resort offers to you.

Being the unique amalgamation of a zoo resort and luxury safari lodges, our Bali safari hotel is the only accommodation facility in the world where you can call an elephant ride right at your doorstep and head off into the jungle to relax and unwind.

Plus, you can combine it with other activities like white water rafting, mountain cycling, and jungle buggies to truly make it a blast. 

Exclusive Enjoyment with Elephants at Our Bali Zoo Hotel

If a walk through the jungle with these magnificent giants only leaves you yearning more for their company, don’t worry. We get you.

As a dedicated safari lodge in Bali, Mason Elephant Park offers a range of other activities where you can observe and interact with these amiable giants throughout the day. 

At our Bali zoo hotel you can dine at the Mammoth’s Head Bar or have lunch in our Park Restaurant that offers a stunning view of elephants bathing in the lake. Afterward, you can check out the Elephant Museum and Information Centre to learn more about their history and preservation. Or if you are looking for some inspiration, head over to the Elephant Art Gallery instead.

More Reasons to Visit Our Bali Safari Resort

Even if you are not an animal lover, there are plenty of great reasons why you must choose Mason Elephant Park over the alternatives when it comes to the prime places of stay in Bali.

What makes us one of the best safari hotels in Bali is our ability to cater to visitors of all ages and interests. 

Our Bali zoo hotel combines luxury with the exotic natural beauty of the jungle. It precisely balances the two to ensure that our guests are not only comfortable but also have lots of fun activities to do as per their liking.

Unparalleled Luxurious Living

With upscale accommodations and individualized settings, our boutique zoo resort featuring 27 impressive rooms is ideal for couples and families alike. The open-air terrace and wall-length windows overlooking the park allow you to breathe in the fresh air, enjoy the view, and treat your senses even when you are done for the day and wish to zone out.

Central air conditioning systems and free Wi-Fi are two more factors that earn our Bali safari park accommodation more points for the best luxury safari lodges on the island.

Get Access to All Park Facilities and Attractions

Booking a room at Mason Elephant Lodge opens the doors to virtually all facilities available at the Park. Dive in the pool, go for a reinvigorating wellness spa, explore the botanical gardens and orchid displays, tone your muscles in a well-equipped gym, or chill out at the elephant viewing terrace and treetop walkway – the options are many.

Arrange a Rendezvous with the Sumatran Elephants Now

We are Asia’s first Welfare Certified Elephant Park, coupled with other entitlements such as the World Luxury Hotel Awards Winner up our belt. We don’t mean to brag when we say that Mason Elephant Lodge is the ultimate stop for anyone and everyone searching for the best Bali safari park accommodation.

Book your Bali safari resort now and see for yourself!