Get Ready for the Most Incredible Night Safari Tour in Bali

Bali night safari

Get Ready for the Most Incredible Night Safari Tour in Bali

Bali is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful places in this world, one that would steal your breath away with all its natural beauty and splendor. Those sun-kissed beaches, cascading waters, and the bright morning sun that throws its dazzling light over the entire island; it’s such a treat to the eyes.

Book our amazing night safari tour experience for the thrill of your life!

But have you ever seen Bali at night time? 

The island becomes a sight to behold with its mystical starry skies, the waters glistening under the faint moonlight, and an enchanted kind of serenity in the air.

A Bali night safari is the best magical experience on the island, as it makes everything so different under the moonlit sky. This night safari tour is one of those experiences that you will surely remember forever.

Night Safari In Bali – A True Moonlit Adventure 

Bali safari night tour promises an enthralling experience that you and your family will enjoy to the fullest. The safari at night in Bali transforms into this majestic view with all the nocturnal animals coming out of their dwelling.

There are not one, but many reasons that make the Bali safari night tour so different from the rest and absolute must-have experience. 

Ride the Elephants Through the Jungle 

One thing that makes Bali night safari so unique is the fact that you get to ride through the dimly lit forests on the gorgeous elephants instead of in vehicles or on foot!

These island’s giants take you all around the Taro forest under the stars at nightfall, which is also known for being the only twilight elephant trek on the island. It’s like a drive-thru safari where you are likely to come across the nocturnal animals along the elephant ride.

Elephant Show and Dinner at Bali Safari Night Tour

The Bali zoo night safari isn’t just any other ordinary experience, but think of it more like a chance to interact with the precious, gentle Sumatran elephants. During the night safari tour, you get to experience a very engaging elephant show that talks about and provides information on these creatures where you learn about their habitat, lifestyle, history, etc.

The Bali zoo night safari tour ends with a special dinner where you and your family can enjoy the ultimate dining experience right by the lake amidst the beauty of the night.

Simple Tips on How to Plan Your Night Safari Trip for the First Time

If it’s your first time for a night safari in Bali, you must be excited. If you are unsure how to plan for this night safari experience, here are some simple and easy tips you can consider.

First, you should choose to stay at Mason Elephant Lodges, where you will have great access to a plethora of amenities and facilities such as the pool, gym, wellness spa, and many others.

Secondly, you must sign up and book your spot for this drive-thru safari tour experience. We have a special night safari package that you can get and enjoy, and it includes multiple activities, dinner, and air-conditioned hotel transfers. 

And lastly, gear yourself for an adventure of a lifetime and let us handle the rest for you!

To make this even more entertaining, you can plan many other activities to do, such as a visit to the botanical gardens, treetop walks, feeding the elephants by hand, a visit to the elephant lake, and many others.

Our Night Safari Is Completely Safe and Family-Friendly

If you are here with your family and kids, it’s okay to feel a little hesitant about riding through the safari at night. However, let us assure you that it is completely safe, secure, and family-friendly.

Your Safety Is In Our Hands

The safety of our visitors and customers is our utmost priority, so you have nothing to worry about. Our package offers accidental insurance for any unforeseen situation that might occur. On top of that, we also provide emergency air medevac for the full and proper safety for our customers. 

We guarantee you and your family’s safety, so all you need to do is have fun and create beautiful memories to take back home with you.

What do We offer During the Night Safari Tour?

We are always looking to enhance the customer experience, so, to take your night safari in Bali to a whole other level, we offer many things during the safari tour.

The tour primarily includes:

  • All Park Facilities & Attractions
  • Elephant Education Show
  • Gourmet Set Dinner or Gourmet Buffet Dinner
  • Elephant Night Safari Ride
  • Air-Conditioned Hotel Transfers
  • Accident Insurance
  • Emergency Air Medevac
  • Free Wi-Fi

Let Us Give You A Memorable Experience Unlike Any Other

Mason Adventures is the best Bali adventure tour, we have the ultimate night safari experience in store for you, which is ideal for both adults and kids alike. All you need to do is contact us, reserve your spot, and gear up a memorable experience, unlike any other!