Enjoy a Fun Day with Our Sumatran Elephants in Ubud at Bali Safari Park

Bali safari park

Enjoy a Fun Day with Our Sumatran Elephants in Ubud at Bali Safari Park

A trip to Bali is nothing short of fun, exciting, and adventurous. The island is like heaven on earth, especially for those people who are true nature lovers. If you like to be surrounded by an abundance of lush greenery, be woken up by the chirping of the birds, observe wild animals up-close and spend every moment amidst Mother Nature, Bali is the ultimate place to be.

Book our amazing Bali Safari tour experience for the thrill of your life!

There are so many amazing activities that you can do and places that you can visit on this island, one of which is the Bali Safari Park.

This popular safari park in Bali is the best place for a thrilling safari adventure, especially when you are here with a group of friends or family. 

Why Do People Need to Visit Our Safari Park in Bali?

Our Bali Safari Park is one of those must-visit places and for all the right reasons, too. We can say it without a doubt that this is the best safari park in Bali, unlike any other park on the entire island. 

Say Hi to Sumatran Elephants During Your Bali Safari Tour 

One thing that makes our safari park in Bali so unique and special is that we explicitly designed it for our Sumatran elephants to give them a proper home and a shelter. We have created the ideal habitat for them where they can move around freely, go about their daily lives, and thrive in this environment.

While you are on your Bali safari tour, you can come to say hi to our beautiful Sumatran elephants, spend time with them and observe these adorable little creatures to your heart’s content. 

Hop-On and Go on a Fun Elephant Safari Ride 

If you want to experience a real safari adventure, we offer exciting elephant safari rides where you can explore the park and even the wild Taro jungle. These safari rides are one of those unforgettable experiences that you are likely to cherish forever.

Our resident giants will make sure to give you an adventurous ride during your safari journey as you interact with them and even play with them if you like!

What Do We Offer During the Safari Tour?

Our Bali safari tour isn’t just about having fun with the elephants but having an all-rounder experience that stays with you for a long time.

We want you to have the best time on your safari journey, which is why we offer a few other things to help you make the most of the tour:

  • All Park Facilities & Attractions
  • Elephant Education Show
  • Full Buffet Lunch
  • Elephant Safari Ride
  • Air-Conditioned Hotel Transfers
  • Accident Insurance
  • Emergency Air Medivac
  • Free Wi-Fi

Choose Mason Adventures for the Best Safari Tour in Bali

If you want to take a safari adventure to a whole new level, how do you fancy living with these wild animals?

The Mason Elephant Safari Park and lodges give you a fantastic opportunity to live amongst them, and the best part is that you even get to greet the elephants as soon as you step outside your hotel room first thing in the morning!

More than that, our best Bali tours offer a very engaging and an interactive experience where you don’t only get to have a lot of fun but also learn about these endangered species, their habitat, and how we take care of them.

Mason Adventures guarantees a super exhilarating safari journey through our Bali safari park, and you certainly won’t regret choosing us!

What Makes the Elephants at Our Safari Park So Special?

The fact that we have especially designed a habitat where our Sumatran elephants can feel at most ease and comfort is a true testament of all our hard work. 

The elephants at our safari park are really special because they are endangered, and we rescued them so that they can thrive and survive.

These creatures were once victims of deforestation, and the fact that we were allowed to save them, care for them so we can provide you with a real safari experience is what makes them so extraordinary and dear to us.

Mason Adventures Is Different Than Other Tour Companies in Bali

We take great pride in being different and unique than other tour companies in Bali. Our main focus is on giving you a satisfying all-round experience where everything is near-to-perfect.

Family-Friendly Activities – Open for All

Many people often come to Bali with their families, and many activities have age restrictions, while others aren’t ideal for families.

We believe that a visit to Bali should be fun and memorable for every single person, so we make sure to offer family-friendly activities that are open to all age groups. From young kids to old adults, every individual can have a blast at our safari park in Bali.

Combine Your Safari Tour with Other Interesting Activities 

We also want you to have the best time while you are here, so we offer you many different activities that you can pair or combine with your safari tour.

Some incredibly fun activities that you can choose from include:

  • Morning mountain cycling
  • Morning white water rafting
  • Jungle buggies
  • Afternoon white water rafting

Our Sumatran Elephants Are Waiting for You!

A day with elephants at the best safari park in Bali is as exciting and tempting as it gets! You won’t have this kind of fun anywhere else because being surrounded by nature and having to spend time with nature’s marvels is a completely out-of-this-world experience.

So, contact us for reservations and pay us a visit for our Sumatran elephants who are eagerly waiting for you!