Enjoy the Most Magical Night Safari Experience in Bali

night safari in Bali

Enjoy the Most Magical Night Safari Experience in Bali

What better excursion on a family trip than a night safari in Bali? Taking your children out in the sun means signing up for tantrums and dealing with sunburns. However, you can avoid the excruciating experience by opting for a night at the zoo for a moonlit adventure you will never forget.

Book our amazing night safari tour experience for the thrill of your life!

Bali Zoo Night Safari

Bali is known for its scenic beauty and rich cultural heritage. However, the island has a lot more to offer. Here you can opt for an experience to remember by undertaking the night safari tour by Mason Adventures. Let the pioneers of adventure on the island take you on a one of a kind night safari tour in Bali.

Elephant Bali Night Safari

When we say unique, we mean it. Mason Adventures brings to you a one of a kind safari tour package. Their night safari is unlike any other, as it is a unique elephant safari park. In fact, it is not just a safari park but a conservation site for the endangered Sumatran Elephants rescued from government camps.

Mason Adventures – Conserving Endangered Species

One of the oldest and the most trusted Bali adventure tour companies on the Island, Mason adventures, has a lot more to offer than games. The company rescued 27 Sumatran elephants from government camps and brought them to the island, providing them an ideal environment where they could thrive and grow.

The company allows you to interact with the beautiful creatures and view them in their natural habitat via drive-thru safari. You can also learn about Mason Adventures conservation effort, which proved fruitful as four new members were born, adding to the family of 27 elephants.

Tour Package Details

The complete safari tour package allows you to go on a tour of the residence of the elephants. You can ride through the forest atop the gentle giants, which makes the experience even more enthralling. As the moon casts its glow over the trees, you can enjoy a peaceful ride amid nature.

Our guides educate the participants about the lifestyle of the elephants, their habits, likes, and dislikes throughout the tour. The tour ends with a special gourmet buffet dinner by the lake, which completes a night safari in Bali magical experience.

Mason Lodges – Safari Park Accommodation

Mason Adventures always goes above and beyond. To create an even more fulfilling and interactive experience, we offer air-conditioned safari park accommodation. Our guests can also reside in the middle of our elephant conservation park.

Here the residents can even avail of the elephant chauffeur services. The gentle giants will pick you up from your doorstep and give you a tour of the premises if you so wish. You can even opt for a massage by the pool and watch the elephants walk by.

Besides the Bali zoo night safari, our residents can also bath and feed the elephants. They also get access to elephant tree top walks to view the beautiful creatures in their natural habitat without disturbing them.

You can even visit the elephant lake, or get more information about the species at the museum. The botanical gardens are also open to residents and pose a fantastic attraction besides the night safari tour.

Why Choose Mason Adventures?

Mason adventures are the pioneer of river rafting on the island. The company has the experience and the expertise to handle a drive-thru safari tour. The company offers accident insurance and emergency Air Medivac to its customers.

The company has almost 30 years of experience in adventure sports on the island. Their night at the zoo is truly one of the best family-friendly adventure trips you can undertake. Who doesn’t enjoy a Bali zoo night safari under the stars, especially when the night ends in a wonderful dinner by the serene elephant lake?

Why Choose Mason Night Safari Tour in Bali?

We are the only ones on the island offering a magical Bali night safari tour with the elephants. Not only do we provide our customers with a chance to interact with one of the endangered species in the world, but we also make the experience worth remembering.

We ensure the highest standards of quality and safety on all our trips. Our safari tour package aims to raise awareness about our efforts to preserve the Sumatran elephants.

If you are an animal lover, then this is the perfect package for you. Here, you interact with the sweetest and friendliest animals and enjoy a magical Bali night safari experience.