Experience Bali on a Different Level by Riding Off The Beaten Track

Experience Bali on a Different Level by Riding Off The Beaten Track

Visiting our beautiful island but not sure what to do in Bali? Combine the opportunity to see some of the most gorgeous vistas with the kind of thrill you’ll be sure to remember and that’s our Ubud bike tour. Mason Adventures offers travelers the opportunity to get off the beaten track and to challenge themselves with the kind of cycling experience you won’t find elsewhere.

See the very best of Bali cycling with a trail lasting three to four hours, seeing you explore all kinds of natural environments from imposing peaks to lush jungles. All the while, you’ll be treated to the kind of service and facilities that have made Mason Adventures the premier name in adventure tours. 

Book one of our amazing Bali cycling tour for the best adventure of your life!

Why Travelers Need to Experience Bali Differently

There’s no shortage of things to do in Bali. We have gorgeous beaches. We have lush rainforests and a beautiful flowing river. We have music, dance, and culinary experiences that are wholly unique to our island. But for those looking to get their pulse racing, there’s another side of Bali to see as well.

Put your foot to the pedal with our cycling tour in Bali and you’ll soon see a side of the island that few get the chance to. Explore terrain that most miss out on and speed past vistas that you’ll never forget. Our day trip bike ride is perfectly positioned to ensure you get to experience as much eco diversity as the island can offer.

Whether you join us for our cycling tour in Bali or want to combine it with another adventure showing yet another side of the island, Mason Adventures is glad to welcome you and to see your taste for excitement well-sated.

Mountain Bike Tour with Mason Adventures

Our Ubud bike tour begins in our welcoming Koko Bambu Restaurant. We have different routes suited to riders of all skill levels, with our shuttle taking you to the starting line and our experienced guides ensuring you’re provided with the gear and the training you need to handle our tour as safely and confidently as possible.

Our mountain biking tour starts from north Bali, near Mt. Batur. Once you’re ready to start, you’ll venture down 30 kilometers of verdant forest trails, past ancient Hindu temples, over rice fields and plantations, passing local villages along the way. You’ll even have the chance to sample exotic fruits from their natural source in Tatag. When it comes to mountain biking in Bali, you won’t find another tour like ours.

How You’ll Have the Trip of Your Life by Joining Mountain Cycling Tour with Mason Adventures

Your eco cycling day trip is going to give you all the sights, thrills, and challenge you could hope for. However, Mason Adventures likes to pair with next-level services to ensure total satisfaction. We operate all of our own tours, provide shuttle transportation to and from the site, and ensure you’re taken care of with world-class bathroom amenities and secure storage lockers.

Ensure you can enjoy your Bali cycling tour with confidence, thanks to thorough safety training and provisions of all the protective gear that you need. When you’re done cycling, relax and enjoy a bite with a lunch provided at our Bambu Restaurant.

Why Choose Mason Adventures for Mountain Cycling Tour

Our cycling tour in Bali might be more than enough to scratch your itch for adventure, but it’s the dedication to customer satisfaction that makes Mason Adventures stand head and shoulders above our competitors. Here’s how.


We’ve been providing adventure tour experiences to visitors of the island for over 30 years. We know what makes a good adventure, and how to ensure you’re as comfortable as can be throughout.

Value for Money

As if mountain biking in Bali wasn’t enough, our world-class facilities, professional service, enthusiastic team, and provision of transport and lunch ensure that you get a day trip worth every cent.


For your mountain biking tour, you will receive all the training and safety gear that you need. Combine that with emergency air medevac and full accident insurance, and you can rest assured that we’ll take care of you.


Our eco cycling bike ride ensures that we make a minimum impact on the environment while delivering the thrills you’re after. We work with our local communities to ensure a guilt-free adventure and sustainable tourism. 

Money-Back Guarantee

If you discover that our mountain bike tour isn’t everything that we advertise it to be, then we will give you a full refund. Our 100% money-back guarantee ensures that.

Combine Other Activities with Your Mountain Cycling Tour

Trying to decide what to do in Bali, but don’t want to limit your options too much? With Mason Adventures, it’s easy to be torn between any number of our exhilarating adventure tours. However, you don’t have to choose. Instead, you can opt for one of our value combos that allows you to combine our Bali mountain cycling with another of our excellent options.

Have an exhilarating morning cycling and then a mesmerizing, relaxing evening with our Safari Under the Stars. Or see some of the gentle giants of the island by combining it with an Elephant Safari Ride Tour, instead. If you’re not quite done with the trills, you can throw an afternoon of white water rafting or throttling through our custom-built ATV course, the first and only of its kind on the island.

Get in Touch and Start Your Adventure

See Bali from a whole new perspective and take a real trip off the beaten track with the help of our guides. At Mason Adventures, our number one priority is to make sure you have an unforgettable adventure, supported by world-class service, luxurious facilities, and real peace of mind.

Whether you want to learn more about our mountain cycling tours, combining it with another adventure, or how we cater to weddings and special events, feel free to get in touch with Mason Adventures. Our team is glad to answer any questions and concerns and to make your adventure of choice as easy to enjoy as possible.